Peril Beyond the Waterfall by Christine Porter (Review by Valerie – #NerdGirlVal)


Title: Peril Beyond the Waterfall 

Author: Christine Porter 

Published Date: September 30th 2015

Genre: Fantasy


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In the magical empire of Laenutia, beyond a gateway of cascading water, lies a kingdom in peril. The forces of evil are gathering, ready to oust the rightful rulers of the land. Chaos hovers as the ruthless Prince Validin sets his plans in motion.

But there is hope. For in the sleepy village of Omondei lives a small, insatiably curious boy called Jeremiah, who dreams of doing something extraordinary. When Jeremiah is asked to travel beyond the walls of Omondei, he leaps at the chance. Along with a band of intrepid adventurers, Jeremiah is quickly drawn into an astonishing whirlwind of trickery and danger, where nothing is as it seems, and not everyone can be trusted.

Who is the rightful ruler of Laenutia? And why are so many people desperate to win Jeremiah over to their side? The deeper Jeremiah travels towards the heart of this mystery, the closer he comes to learning who he is, what choices he has to make, and what his dreams foretell.

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***Valerie – #NerdGirlVal’s  Review***
Wow! This story was so much fun to read. It is perfect for ages 12 and up. I felt like a kid again, lost in another world filled with excitement and awe. It took me away and filled me with all kinds of surprises. This book was very hard to put down.
Laenutia is a country in another realm and is going to war for the Crown. General Haddon and Princess Talia was left to rule the kingdom. But their Uncle, Validin, the brother to their Father, had other plains. He wanted to over through their kingdom and be King of both his and theirs. This started a war. Oh ya and by the way, Validin has a Sorcerer , Lord Null on his side. Or so Validin thinks.
Jeremaih is from the outer realm and was convinced by a newt (small lizard) to come with him . They had a very long journey ahead of them and mad a few new friends along the way. Jeremaih was always told that the creatures outside of his town was bad, but he found out differently. As they made their way to Laenutia, Jeremaih kept getting small pieces about who he was. He didn’t understand this, as her grew up with his father on a pig farm that they rarely left.
As the story is told, there are many, many surprises along the way. Times of edge of your seat, oh no, what is going to happen next. And the ending is nothing you would link of. It is written for children of all ages to enjoy as I did.


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