Melodies of Blood I by Maialen Alonso (Review by Shelley C – #NerdGirlRed)


Title: Melodies of Blood I

Author: Maialen Alonso 

Published Date: April 18th 2016

Genre: Futuristic, Paranormal, Romance


1 star1 star

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A love is born when a rebellion rises and war is near. After, participating in a cryogenic experiment conducted by the Alliance of Nation’s Meryl accidently awakens from her long sleep. After she is able to understand her situation Meryl observes the gloomy room in which she finds herself and learns that more time than a week has passed.

On her first day out of cryogenic sleep she is captured. The world that she knew is now covered by a thick black cloak that doesn’t allow the sun to penetrate it and the she learns the horrifying truth. The vampires that control the earth have enslaved humans and created a New Era.

Meryl is purchased by Caleb the leader of Alpha Zone and she will have to accept her new situation, but the problems have just begun.


***Adult Warning – May Contain Graphic Sex, Strong Language, Or Adult Situations. Caution Advised***
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***Shelley C – #NerdGirlRed’s  Review***
This is a very difficult book for me to review; it’s one of the first books that I’m completely torn between the good and bad. I was very impressed with the author’s story idea. It’s a completely unique and fascinating take on vampires in a futuristic world where they have usurped humans’ control of the world. The sudden change in the world that the main character, Meryl, wakes up to drove home the plot. I was pretty crazy over the hierarchy, the division of the world, and the conspiracies wound into the story. This story and series has the potential to be an amazing blockbuster, both on the pages and on a premium cable channel.
Now for some of the bad, the author is from Spain and I don’t know if this is the reason behind some of the issues in the book. The story NEEDS an editor. There are multiple levels of editing issues that need attention.

Overall, the story is really good and although there were a few times I wasn’t sure if I could read through the editing problems, I did and I’m glad I finished.


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