Gamer Girl by Glynis Astie (ARC Review by #NerdGirlJulie)

Gamer Girl

Title: Gamer Girl 

Author: Glynis Astie 

Published Date: Expected May 31st 2016

Genre: Romantic Comedy


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Struck by tragedy at an early age, Meri Palmer escaped into the only world she understood. Within the virtual realm of online gaming, she lived a life filled with mythical creatures and thrilling adventures, where she was strong, powerful, clever, and beautiful—everything she believed she wasn’t in real life. As the years went by, her desire to cling to her cherished fantasyland only grew stronger.

But when Meri meets Morgan, equal parts gorgeous and goofball, she begins to wonder if the time has finally come to rejoin the so-called real world. Channeling the bravery of her fairy warrior alter ego, Meri slowly lets Morgan beyond the protective walls she’s built around her heart. Just as she finds a comfortable groove in an uncertain world, Morgan succumbs to insecurities of his own, leaving her lost and confused. Through her battle to regain her equilibrium, Meri will discover that even in reality, things aren’t always what they seem.

Will Meri win the battle raging in her heart and summon the will to rescue her knight in shining armor? Or will she give in to the fear and find her game over?

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***#NerdGirlJulie’s  Review***
Gamer Girl by Glynis Astie is her first novel that is not based on her own life (Her French series was loosely based on her life). Gamer Girl is a charming romantic comedy that is set in New York City. Astie’s quintessential voice shines through, and her trademark quirky relatives and less-than-graceful heroines are ever present.
Hiding in a virtual world after tragically losing her parents, Meri Palmer is an insecure, introverted gamer. I adored her unusual name story. I could feel her parents’ love through that story. Meri’s virtual alter ego, Pix, is her antithesis (or so she thinks); Pix is strong, beautiful, athletic, and cunning. Meri is surrounded by a close knit a family who helps her grandmother raise her right. Although not a gamer myself, I found Meri to be charming and lovable. The sad aura that surrounds her broke my heart as much as her circumstances broke her.

“You can’t spend your life planning for every ‘what if.’ You have to just be.”
Lest you think Gamer Girl is sappy and sad, I have to tell you that Meri and her buddy Declan are hilarious. The two have each other’s back, except for the “eyebrow incident of 2008”! Their teasing and pranks provide plenty of madcap fun. I loved the banter and friendship between Declan and Meri. I don’t understand why Declan was at his brother’s gaming office when he was trying to launch a clothing line, but the character added a lighthearted feel to many scenes. Those two characters provided a fabulous support system for one another.
Almost every chapter begins with a scene from a game, Spellbound, that Meri has been engrossed in for quite some time. Not being a gamer, I had little interest in the description of what was going on in Meri’s online, interactive game. However, the end of the book has a big reveal that will made me wish I had paid more attention to those chapter introductions. Whether you are into electronic games or not, read those chapter introductions carefully.
An ever-present bike messenger named Morgan was kept intentionally enigmatic. After all, the story is told from Meri’s point of view, so she wouldn’t have insight into Morgan if he didn’t actively share. Morgan’s a gorgeous goof who completely understands Meri and her gaming. It could be a match made in heaven…or should I say a match made in a cyber-world Valhalla.
Sweet, romantic and angsty, Gamer Girl moves right along in pace. Meri, as the narrator, is a bit chatty, but her self-doubt and self-deprecation provide much comic relief. From the indomitable Jewish grandmother to the traditional Italian extended family to husband-hunting co-worker, Gamer Girl is fun and touching read.


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