Wild Abandon by Jeannine Colette (ARC Review by Amber – #NerdGirlAmbz)

Wild Abandom

Title: Wild Abandon

Author: Jeannine Colette

Published Date: Expected May 24th 2016

Genre: Contemporary Romance


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When you fall in-love it’s forever
But sometimes forever comes with a price.

I never meant to meet Nathaniel Teller. It was by accident, on a Tuesday, that I walked into his bar. He was solemn, intense and hiding a secret behind those stoic green eyes.

I never intended to fall in-love with him. We were supposed to be just friends. But I fell for him hard, deep. There’s no turning back.

I never thought his past would be so dark. And if I thought I had any chance of being in his future, I was wrong. Because his past is his future.

And I need to walk away

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***Amber – #NerdGirlAmbz’s  Review***
I was skeptical at first when I decided to review this book, but that doubt was quickly cleared away. Jeannine has a captivating writing style. She slowly grabs your attention and pulls you in.

Meet Crystal Reid. A woman who left New York to move to San Francisco on a whim. She was searching for adventure, romance and well love. Desperate to find a man to love and help mend her broken heart from a failed marriage. After looking in all the wrong places she stumbles into a bar one day and meets Nathaniel Teller. Nathaniel is the bartender at Henley’s Pub with eyes that stand out in a dark room. Little do either of them know, but their lives are about to change.

These two characters could not be more different and yet so perfect for each other. You know what they say, “opposites attract”. The chemistry between the two characters is electric! A story that doesn’t take you in obvious directions. This story has lies, secrets and keeps you guessing. Overall it teaches you that just when all hope is lost… Fate intervenes. Everything happens for a reason and life can be a tricky game. Something these characters learn all to well.

I also completely love the other characters in the book. Scarlet is one of my favorites. She keeps you laughing the whole time. It’s hard not to fall in love with each character. They were all beautifully written.

There are so many amazing things and spoilers I want to share with you but I won’t. I don’t want to give anything away. I want you to read it for yourself and be blown away just as I was!! I highly recommend this book! I can’t wait to read the next one!!


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