The Empath, the Warrior & the Wind Rider by Jeff Fuell (Review by Valerie – #NerdGirlVal)

The Empath

Title: The Empath, the Warrior & the Wind Rider 

Author: Jeff Fuell 

Published Date: July 31st 2015

Genre: YA Fantasy


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Meet Cindy, Matt and Phillip Hodges, three teenage siblings who are doing their best to cope with the divorce of their parents. Although they are siblings, they are very different people who are coping with the situation in their own way.

Through a strange circular machine with its own personality that appears in the basement of their lake house, they are transported to a different world, a world where magic and science are one. It is also a world where people have wings, can fly, and live in a magnificent, sprawling city floating in the sky. They soon find themselves involved in a religious war, their coming prophesized years ago in the Book of Origins as the Empath, the Warrior and the Wind Rider. With the help of Arion, a teenage sorcerer’s apprentice and the beastly yet strangely human Posdingo, they invade the floating city of Fastune to not only set free the Phoenix – The Daughter of God and this world’s version of Jesus Christ – but to also rid them of the evil Mephosi, a power mad wizard who has declared himself God. As the soldiers of two kingdoms collide in a terrible war they race to set this world back on a peaceful path. But then, a choice must be made. Once it is all over, will they stay here on this wonderful world filled with people they have come to love and consider family…or return home to a family that is broken?

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***Valerie  -#NerdGirlVal’s  Review***
This story was Fantastic!!! I have not enjoyed a Young Adult Fantasy like this in a while. The story was fun, had action, love, sadness, adventure, friendship and Syfi. As I am reading this. all I kept thinking was that my 13 year old Niece and 16 year old Nephew would love this book. The book starts out with 3 kids and their parents seperating and heading for a divorce. My niece and nephew are in the same situaction. I think they can connect and see that there is hope for the future without 2 parents under one roof.
Phillip, Matt and Cindy was hit with one of the most dreaded things a kid could hear, Mom and Dad are separating and can’t live together any more. It is way more common than you think these days. Just as hard on the kids as the adults.
Adjustment! Hard or easy? Anger! Should you keep it inside or let it out by fighting and getting into trouble? Man of the House! Does age determin who the man of the house is? Withdraw! Most kids do this when their world is turned upside down, good or bad?
As these 3 kids discover another world out there like thier earth, they find different, yet simular beings as them. Huge creatures, winged people, wizards, floating cities and the most beautiful girl their eyes have ever seen. They see 2 of the most beautiful castles and meet their King and Queen and their children. They find that these new people are very excited to see them and act like they already know who they are. But they soon find out that the 2 castles were once a whole kingdom divided now. But why are they there?
The sibilings are told a great story on what happened and how they fit in. They find that they have special powers and learn how to use them in a fun way, until they have to usr them to fight the winged people. They learn that adjustment, anger, man of the house and withdraw is how they have been. But by being there and finding themselves, they turn all that around inside of them.
As the story goes on and the suspence grows with each page turning, you not only realise that they are wiser beyond their age, but brave as well. And that Earth could really use some help becoming a better place. But do they accomplish what is expected of them to end a curse that has been held over these two cities for centeries? Can they fight a very powerful Wizard and win? Can they free the beautiful girl? And will they pick to stay there for the rest of their lives or go home?
I love Matt! He is always good for a laugh.He had me cracking up throughout the book. Phillip has such an sicentific mind and boy can he ramble on about how things work and so on.To smart I think some times for his own good. Cindy has a heart of gold and a lot of common sence. She is sweet and loves her brothers to no end. These 3 kids will save a world in another galaxy and realize how important home really is and how to deal with their parents divorce and how they handle it.
Loved, Loved this book!!! Fun story for ages 12 and up. #NerdGirlVal


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