Once More Unto the Breach: Shakespeare Goes Punk 2 (Shakespeare Goes Punk #2) by Jeffrey Cook (Review by Valerie – #NerdGirlVal)

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Title: Once More Unto the Breach: Shakespeare Goes Punk 2 (Shakespeare Goes Punk #2) 

Author:  Jeffrey Cook 

Published Date: November 11th 2015

Genre: Science Fiction


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Welcome to the world of Shakespeare Goes Punk, where the Bard is remixed and nothing is sacred. Our fearless writers are back by popular demand to give you a ride on the punk train. Five punked-up tales and three sonnets inspired by Shakespeare. All profits to charity. As You Like It The Tragedy of Livingston (Coriolanus) Blast the Past: Fae and Far Between (A Midsummer Night’s Dream) Dogs of War (Julius Caesar) Hank (Henry V) Clockpunk Sonnets (18, 105, 127)


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***Valerie – #NerdGirlVal’s  Review***

This is a book of short stories related to Shakespears’s plays. I have written a review on each short story, instead as one for the whole book. This book is written by several Authors together and many helpers. You do not have to know Shakespear to understand these stories.
As You Like It: This story is based on old and new, or rich and poor, or Father and Daughter. Just because you are rich and run the town, doesn’t mean you have the right to run peoples lives. It shows that two rich girls helped a poor boy. The poor boy was kicked out of town on drunked up charges. One of the rich girls was told to get out for helping. Now why didn’t the other rich girl get kicked out you ask? It was her Father that ran the town. But she didn’t act like a spoiled rich girl. She helped the boy too, so she left with the other girl. All three ran into some kind of trouble on their way out of town. The boy being chased by his brother and his thugs, the girls having to change their appearances. They all found a place at the end of the woods that tought them really where their place is and how to change things in the town that the rich man ran.
The Tragedy Of Livingston: This story is about CJ Livingston, governor of New Jersey and presidential candidate. Could very well be Christie, todays governor. And Don Whist presidential opponent to Livingston. Could very well be Trump.
CJ is trying to shut down all of Atlantic City and the Casino workers are fighting back. CJ wants them to give him their votes as the common people, but they won’t unless CJ will save AC. It goes on about the debates and the campaign between the two men. As things get heated, CJ wants to join together with Whist as one campaign. Even tho Whist agrees, he has other plans for CJ. This story could of been written almost as true, as for AC is in trouble right now with no money and Governor Christie not willing to help. It all comes down to greed and death!
Blast The Past: Fae And Far Between: What would you do if you grew up thinking that your baby Brother died at child birth with your Mother? Your Father died soon later and you are now King of the humans. The Magical People put a curse on your females to be infurtal, so the human population will not grow. The King of the Magical people wants a peace tready, but you just hate them to much. Race and differences between people can and will cloud your mind on a true person. It happened between these two Kings. They hated each other for what they were told growing up. Neither one took the time to see the true person. Could these two kings be connected some how? One is human and the other Farie. Impossible? Never judge a book by it’s cover!
Dogs Of War: So This story was not as interesting for me. It had to do with desert warriors and fighting for peace. It was kind of like Mad Max and the type of vehicles in those movies. They fought the same way and almost for the same reasons. War can be good and war can be bad. I think it all depends on what you are fighting for and with whom. As the biggest and best war heroes fought against each other, I think in the end, they realised it really wasn’t worth it, but it was also to late for them. They already had the peace they sought and lost a whole lot more in the end.
Hank: Hank was left his Fathers business after he had died. Hank has spent many years underground before this. His rivalry company is being run by his childhood friend, who thinks Hank is a sissy boy and has no business in the corporate world. He wants to steel Hanks company out from under him. He tries different things to get rid of Hank and it doesn’t work. So Hank is hell bent with his fellow hackers to take his childhood friends company with him knowing it. The takeover is in motion and there is a hug problem. Hank can’t believe what just happened because of him hacking into the system. Death!
At the end of this book is the Appendix, Play Summaries, which explain how the play is connected to these stories. Good idea! Once again this group of authors have managed to put together short stories that have a hidden meaning behind them. I enjoyed all but one, that wasn’t my cup of tea. But all in all I enjoyed reading this book.

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