Landquaker by Dean F. Wilson (Review by Shelley C – #NerdGirlRed)


Title: Landquaker 

Author: Dean F. Wilson

Published Date: April 17th 2016

Genre: Steampunk


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The Resistance has barely nursed its wounds from the recapture of Blackout, and it is now looking to another, tougher target: the massive steam-powered railway gun known as the Landquaker. They call the vast railroad the Iron Wall, and that mounted barrel is its only sentry. It does not need another.

Blackout was a sitting duck, but the Landquaker is a moving target, and not only one that shoots back, but one that shoots first. The Resistance turns to old allies and new friends, from the land-loving tribes to the land-roving biker gangs. It will need every soldier it can muster.

The Landquaker was designed with a singular purpose: a monstrous gun to hold back a multitude of monsters. Except this time the multitude mans that weapon, and in its hands the land is not the only thing that will quake.

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***Shelley  C – #NerdGirlRed’s  Review***
I’ve journeyed through this strange world and met characters who were flawed, broken, and desperate. I’ve experienced their sorrows and cherished the small victories alongside them. The characters, big or small, are written with such realism, they all feel like I should know them and be joining to bring down the forces of the Regime with them. The development has been spot on. I was fully captivated watching as each person evolves into who they will be. Landquaker moved more than the earth in the fictional world of Altadas, it moved me the entire time I read it, which didn’t take long because I devoured it in one sitting. Sometimes when a series goes into a fourth book I worry that it’s going to be mostly filler and slow. The previous book, Skyshaker, left me doubting the author could top himself. I no longer doubt the writing genius of Wilson, he weaved the perfect balance of action, suspense, and emotion to create one of the most brilliant books I’ve had the pleasure of reading. If you’ve read The Great Iron War series, this book will surpass your expectations. If you haven’t read it yet, I can’t recommend this series enough!


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