Your Name, In Fire by Kera Emory (Review by Cianna, #NerdGirlSunshine)


Title: Your Name, In Fire

Author: Kera Emory

Published Date: March 19th 2016

Genre:  Paranormal Fantasy


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Connor Black doesn’t believe in the supernatural, and that’s about to bite him in the ass.

Connor’s life gets interesting when a new writer joins his video game studio. Sparks fly; Wendy is pretty, intelligent, and definitely into Connor—but careful never to reveal much about herself.

And before long, Connor has his own secrets to worry about: a tattooed stranger attacks and nearly kills him, giving no explanation. Angry but mystified, Connor doesn’t tell anyone what happened, and tries to put the attack behind him—and he tries to convince himself that the weird little things he’s starting to notice about Wendy aren’t really that weird. Stressed and sleep-deprived, with the looming deadline of a multi-million-dollar video game launch weeks away, Connor just doesn’t have time to deal with ‘weird’.

But when the evidence trail of a horrific crime begins to lead back to Connor himself, Connor must seek out answers to the questions he’s been avoiding, even if it means risking his own life and sanity—and the lives of those around him.

With YOUR NAME, IN FIRE, new author Kera Emory spins a modern, deconstructed vampire tale with a black sense of humor and a deeply nerdy heart.

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***Cianna, #NerdGirlSunshine Review***
I read the blurb for this book, and had to grab it. Emory is a New-To-Me author, but after reading her debut book, I will be following her a lot more closely! Fantastic first book!
This book combines a bit of paranormal, with a bit of urban fantasy and a whole lot of geekiness and video game love, which is wonderful. It really has an awesome flow to it, and kept me flipping pages when I really had other things to do. She arranged this story in such a great way that there’s a bit of tension and suspense throughout the whole thing, until the end. It was outstanding!

Connor and Wendy are fantastic, and I liked their chemistry, and the lack of insta-love. Not a fan of love at first sight books, because I just don’t find it real, but this book did a great job of making the attraction pretty instant (hot girl and video game guy, what’s not to love?), but growing the chemistry and relationship through the whole book, while we dive into all the twists and turns the author had for us. All in all, fantastic cast, and well written. I highly recommend this novel to paranormal lovers everywhere, because I was totally caught up in it.

Look forward to more by this author! :)

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