Mutation (Twenty-Five Percent Book 1) by Nerys Wheatley (Review by Katie – #NerdGirlKtLBLy)


Title: Mutation (Twenty-Five Percent Book 1) 

Author:  Nerys Wheatley

Published Date: May 4th 2015

Genre: Horror


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Sometimes, the best person to fight the monsters is someone who’s been one.

Bitten and infected, cured, feared and despised, life isn’t easy for Survivors of the disease that turns ordinary people into flesh hungry monsters. It’s even worse for Alex MacCallum when he has to deal with anti-Survivor activists like Micah Clarke.

The world has lived with Meir’s disease for thirteen years, but when a new strain starts turning the population into eaters faster than ever before and their city is overrun, Alex and Micah grudgingly join forces to stay alive.

Can the two enemies survive the hordes of eaters, as well as each other, long enough to discover a way to stop this new virus?

*A zombie horror action thriller*

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***Katie – #NerdGirlKtLBLy’s  Review***
Alex MacCallum is a Survivor, meaning he got bit by a zombie, got treated for it, and survived. He’s still the same person he was before he got bit except for his eyes which are all white with small black pupils. The disease has been around for 13 years and is called Meir’s disease, which takes about 5 weeks for someone to either get better and survive, or they become a full untreatable zombie. Micah Clarke can’t stand Survivors. He goes out with other anti-Survivor groups to try to rid the city of them. Micah gets arrested and put in a holding cell after starting a riot and Alex just happens to be a police officer ordered to interrogate him. Before he can though, there seems to be an outbreak of the disease that Alex and his work partner have to look into. It seems the disease is turning people into zombies within a few minutes instead of weeks and it’s spreading fast. Reluctantly, Alex has to team up with Micah to try to not only survive, but figure out what is going on and see if they can stop it.
Sometimes it’s hard to find a good zombie survival story. There are only so many ways you can have survivors running from crazed creatures coming after you trying to eat you, but this book did it so well. It had enough calm moments of the characters running and trying to figure out what is going on around them, and definitely enough zombie attack moments. The characters had such strong individual character traits and even trying to run for their lives they had quick wit and jokes to serve back and forth to each other. There were also many emotional moments throughout this, I laughed out loud, I gasped from anxiety, and even cried at moments. I highly recommend if you love zombie horror stories.


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