Done Deal by Rene D. Schultz (Review by Valerie – #NerdGirlVal)

Done Deal

Title: Done Deal 

Author: Rene D. Schultz

Published Date: December 9th 2013

Genre: Reality Fiction Contemporary Women’s Thriller


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“If you died tomorrow… what would be your legacy?”

Death does not begin with the loss of the ability to breath, or the last beat of your heart. Cissy learns this as she takes us on an inspiring and eye-opening journey filled with love, friendship, laughter… and hope. This book is about the value of every moment of your life and fighting a good fight.

Cissy is your typical hard working, single mother, who leads a very simple life. Until one day, when a cancer diagnosis has her spinning in circles. Not one to sit around and do nothing, and with years of experience in the medical field, she decides to research new medications and clinical studies on the Internet. Then all of a sudden, she hits a block wall. Why are the pharmaceuticals holding back ‘orphan’ drugs that have the ability to save thousands of lives? And..why are the greedy insurance companies refusing to pay for these medications to keep people alive? Cissy goes on a quest to find these answers. What she discovers is shocking.

With an anger that leaves her cynical, and with time running out, she sets out to ‘right a wrong.’ She does the unimaginable…

In this new age of technology… Hackers become a reality, and new Robin Hoods become our heroes!

*** Caution Advised – Suggested Not for under 12, deals with Death & Cancer***
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***Valerie – #NerdGirlVal’s  Review***
Done Deal was a very emotional roller coaster for me. Rene Schultz writes with passion and from the heart of true life experiences. Done Deal is about a loving Mother and a Friend with a Heart of Gold. But she was handed Cancer. Yes the C word! The word everybody in the world has a connection to. They are a Survivor, like me, had or has a parent with it, my Mom died from Cancer and so did my Father in Law. They have a Family member, my Uncle Peanut, or a Friend, my Best Friend from High School who died from it. Or maybe a family friend who is fighting it or just couldn’t fight it any more, my Cousin’s Mother in Law.
There is way to much of this disease in the world today. To may people who are not making it. To many people who can’t afford the treatments or medications. To many drugs still in trial period, only to be shelved because lack of funding. It all boil’s down to money and how much can be made off of Cancer. The Pharmaceutical’s will only sponsor the drugs that make the most profit. The Insurance Companies won’t pay their prices. The Government won’t fund any of it. So people like Cissy and so many others in this story go with out and won’t go into remission.
Cissy was on a mission to leave her legacy. She knew that there wasn’t a cure for her Cancer, but she wanted to help those who had a fighting chance. As she took her two best friends and her sons to special places for a wonderful memory of her and them together, she told them about her cancer. She found a wonderful support system in her family and closest friends. Support system is so important with any illness or surgery, it really does help the person who is ill. Any way, her son introduced her to chat rooms and she made a friend in a place so far away from where she was. But they helped each other and earned each others trust.
Cissy came up with a plan on how she could get millions and millions of dollars for Cancer research and no body will know where it came from. She is absolutely brilliant! After long research and careful planning, the time came. And she had help from a friend that could not be traced back to.
This story hits so many homes across the world. The Author hit the nail on the head and the truth is hard to swallow. Money shouldn’t determine if you live or die. Why can’t there be a way to allow clinical trials for any body, no matter if they can pay or not. Until you have watched a love one die of Cancer, You probably won’t understand. But as you follow Cissy on her journey with Cancer, you will learn how to riser above it and fight back till the end.
This book is full of the truth of how the real world works and doesn’t care about the people, just the money. It is very well written and will have you crying, laughing and feeling proud. For some, it will be a hard read, like me, but hopefully some one will read this story and decide to change things here in the real world.


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    I have a feeling tears will be she’d but I want to read this story

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