The Sound of You by Annie Hughes (Review by Stephenee – #NerdGirlSteph)

The Sound Of Your

Title: The Sound of You 

Author: Annie Hughes

Published Date: March 31st 2016

Genre:  NA/YA Romance, Contemporary Romance


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Hallie Clarke has been through the rumor mill so many times that she barely feels the sting of the lies anymore. With her impenetrable walls steady and in place, she leaves her infamous high school days behind and sets off for University of Michigan, with only her beat up, old guitar for company. Determined not to repeat past mistakes, Hallie vows to live her life differently and free from the rumors that can destroy a person so easily.
Or so she thinks.
It isn’t long before she attracts the attention of her too hot to handle neighbor, Nate Harris. She tries to fight her intense attraction to him, but with his sweet words and chiseled abs, her walls of ice begin to crumble around her. Hallie soon finds herself opening up to Nate, letting him in to her world of music, and sharing secrets she swore she’d take to the grave.
The hot new romance causes more than a few heads to turn on campus, and old rumors begin to surface, threatening to pull them apart. Their connection is strong, but will it be enough to hold them together when the rumors take a dangerous turn?
Or will Hallie be left to fight it all alone?


***Adult Warning – May Contain Graphic Sex, Strong Language, Or Adult Situations. Caution Advised***
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***Stephenee – #NerdGirlSteph’s  Review***

This was my first book by author Annie Hughes, but it will not be my last – mostly because I need to know what happens to Hallie and Nate (since the author left us hanging) and also because I did enjoy the author’s writing style as well. The reason for the 4 star review and not a 5 star is because the author needs to do a bit more proof-reading, editing and grammar checking in her books. On the second page of the book I started highlighting the errors, mostly because I had to re-read some sentences several times to fully understand what she was trying to say. There was also a really annoying and excessive use of the word “whilst” – I lost count of how many times she used this word after I was about 1/2 way through the story.

The story itself was good. The author had the typical teenage, college angst but she added in a bit of mystery, lots of parental drama and music. She really went overboard with making sure that her characters had personality and fun! I loved Haille and her “ice queen” attitude….she took no crap from anyone and it really endeared her to me. Nate was “swoon worthy” and described like the total bad boy hottie that every girl wants to date. Enter Ryan and Codie and the reader couldn’t help but love the characters. I wanted to live with Codie and have Ryan and Nate as my neighbors!

The plot is quick moving, fun and exciting. It keeps the reader on the edge of their seats and makes them want more – it was really hard to turn my kindle off for bed as I was ready to go back to my college days and pull an all nighter! There was mystery, drama and lots of anger from all of the characters. I really wanted to dislike some of them but I couldn’t. The author wanted the reader to like all of them no matter how devious or evil they may or may not have been. There were a few subplots that seemed like the author had forgotten them, but the overall flow of the story was quick and fun!

Once you reach the end of the book you will check and double check that the story really has ended because you just weren’t ready. It isn’t easy to accept that you have to now wait to see what happens next to any of the characters that just became your instant BFF’s. I was more than a little upset that there was nothing left for me to read once i hit that 99% mark on my kindle! Be prepared for a book hangover and be prepared to be mad about it!

Add this book to your TBR list and we can wait around together to see where the author takes these characters next! This is the perfect lazy afternoon read, but be warned that once you start reading you won’t want to stop!

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