The Summer of Love by Devon Youngblood (Review by Stephenee – #NerdGirlSteph)

Summer of Love

Title: The Summer of Love 

Author:   Devon Youngblood 

Published Date: September 29th 2015

Genre: NA, Romance


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Saying goodbye to her best friend Charlie wasn’t easy. However, he was drafted into Major League Baseball right out high school. Spending her last summer before college at home, Caitlin figured she’d be spending her days with her nose in a book. But that is not the case when a new neighbor boy moves in next door.

When Caitlin’s world comes crashing down around her, Charlie comes home to be there for his best friend. Charlie has always loved Caitlin, but never admitted it out loud. The two become inseparable for the rest of the summer. Things get a little complicated when feelings become involved, especially with Caitlin going off to college and Charlie back to the league.

With another obstacle paving its way in between them, Charlie pushes Caitlin away.

Will it be the last straw for Caitlin? Is Charlie really ready to give up what they once had? Or will they just have the summer of love to remember the other by?

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***Stephenee – #NerdGirlSteph’s  Review***
I really enjoy choosing books to read based on the summary/blurb that the author puts out about the book (and at times I admit that I do judge a book by it’s cover). I was thrown when I started to read this book and it didn’t really match up to the expectations that I had created based on this blurb. I really love Baseball and was excited when I thought that there would be baseball involved with the story, but there wasn’t….at least not in any detail. It mentioned it in passing…I also didn’t envision that the story would be more about Caitlin and her life when the blurb mentioned others….so overall it was a good story, just not the one I had pictured.

Caitlin and Charlie have grown up together and have been best friends since birth. They have never been more than friends until the summer after high school. Charlie always leaves for the summer but this year it is going to be for more than the summer and Caitlin doesn’t know exactly how to handle this….enter River the new neighbor. This is where the story takes a turn that just causes the reader to become slightly perplexed and puzzled….Caitlin’s friends all then start having things happen to them (not in a good way). It is almost like she is cursed with bad luck…and this is where the story really started to go downhill for me.

I felt like the author lost the flow of the story at this point. She just had tragedy strike one after another until I almost felt like Caitlin’s bad luck was going to come straight out of the pages and attack me next. I lost the pace of the story and it was hard to get back to it. The author took the fun, excitement and mystery out of it. I began to actively dislike Caitlin and I wasn’t sure why. The ending of the story redeemed it a bit for me, but by that point I was off of my game. I was discombobulated and a bit mad/upset at the plot twists….but that was me….as I stated earlier it wasn’t a bad book, just not the story that I wanted or expected.

This is a book that should be added to any TBR list that wants a story that is somewhat a break from the normal NA/YA genre of happy go lucky throughout the book. It is a different story and one that will leave the reader thinking, pondering and questioning things….overall it was a good read just a bit different than I envisioned. Don’t take my word for it – give it a read and then let me know what you think!!


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