A Fair Fight (Fair Folk Chronicles #3) by Jeffrey Cook & Katherine Perkins (Review by Valerie – #NerdGirlVal)

Fair Fight

Title: A Fair Fight (Fair Folk Chronicles #3)

Authors: Jeffrey Cook & Katherine Perkins 

Published Date: February 22nd 2016

Genre:  YA Urban Fantasy


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The faeries are preparing for a war throughout worlds. But before the fighting comes the talking.

May is approaching, but there’s no way Megan O’Reilly can focus on plans for graduation and beyond when the ancient monsters called the Fomoire are about to break out of their frozen lake. As the ice melts in the Spring air, a conference of magical beings from around the world is being called. Apparently there are a lot of risks involved in properly equipping this kind of party. There are so many places–Earth, different mystic realms, the collective unconscious, an outright netherworld–to go, people to see, and things to be done.

Megan is going to help. No matter how dangerous it gets.

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***Valerie- #NerdGirlVal’s  Review***
A Fair Fight Is just as exciting as the other two. Of course Megan and her friends sucked me in , in the first few pages. I just love this series so far! The writing is steady paced and full of action and supense. There are surprises around every corner. Parts of the book will have you on the edge of your seat.
Megan and her friends are off on adventures again. Megan and Lani are reaching the end of Senior year and making plans for College. Megans Mom is starting to notice there is something going on with Megan. Will Megan finally come out and tell her Mom what is going on? Or will Megan just keep facing danger and maybe never come back?
The Fomoire are going to bring war and the end of the realm. Riocard called a meeting with all thier alliances from all around the world to figure out how to end this war before it starts. Queen Orlaith has a nephew, Tiernan, that she hasn’t spoken to for many years. He can help Megan find something that will help with the war.
Megan has to meet with Queen Mab. She is the Queen of your dreams. But to get to her will take you on an very unusual journey. But Megan is hoping the Queen has what she is looking for and will give it to her.
Megan and her friends return to Murias to find that the war is coming and fast. Lani comes up with and idea on how to try to use the element of surprise. But as the war rages on and everybody is doing what they do best in fighting, the Fomoire are gaining on them. Riocaed and Orlaith have something up their sleeve, but Megan and Tiernan find themselves at a new point in life and they have adjust on the spot.
The ending made me cry. It also left me handing. Throughout this whole book, nothing turned out as I thought it would and tha’ts a good thing. I would love to have this series in paperback when its all done, maybe signed, to put on my shelf with my other favorite books.
Book 4?????????


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