Emerald Green (The Emerald Green Series Book 1) by Lindsay Marie Miller (Review by #NerdGirlEmily)

Emerald Green

Title: Emerald Green (The Emerald Green Series Book 1)

Author: Lindsay Marie Miller 

Published Date:  June 7th 2015

Genre: YA / Romantic Thriller


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On a chilly December night in Savannah, Georgia, seventeen-year-old Addie Smith dreams of an alluring young man, too mysteriously handsome to be real. When spring semester commences the following week, at Maple Creek High, a new student, named Tom Sutton, arrives, bearing a striking resemblance to the beautiful stranger from Addie’s dream.
Addie feels inextricably drawn to Tom, and his rare, unwavering resiliency, as the enchanting nature of first love takes hold. But when a cold-blooded criminal returns to Savannah, in pursuit of a long-forgotten possession, Addie must confront the darkest secrets of an elusive, hidden past that threaten to destroy her future.

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***#NerdGirlEmily’s  Review***
When I started Emerald Green I had thought it was going to be a Sci-Fi novel due to Addie noticing a new guy in her school that she saw in a dream. I was far from right with this idea and I’m happy I was wrong. Emerald Green had me hooked right from the beginning with its Gossip Girlish theme and its thriller romances. Right from the beginning Miller introduces the characters that makes the reader either love them or hate them immediately. Addie, the main character, reminded me a lot of myself (since we both take psychology and Latin) and I instantly felt connected to her character. Miller wrote in a descriptive way that allows the audience to see what Addie sees and even hears what Addie hears. When Addie would describe the drawing of Tom’s golden honey eyes, I could imagine the imagine perfectly in my head. I love romance novels and this proved to be one of the best romance novels I have read in a while. It had everything I like in a book: action, romance, villains, and a lot of twists and turns. The reader never knows what they are going to expect next and that made the book that much more interesting to read. The novel ended on a major cliffhanger in my opinion and I would absolutely love to read/review the second one as soon as it is available!

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