Battles and Bliss: (Lost Reflections – Part 3) (ALMOST HUMAN – The First Series – Novella #6) by Melanie Nowak (Review by Melanie V””V – #NerdGirlVamp)

Battles and Bliss

Title: Battles and Bliss: (Lost Reflections – Part 3) (ALMOST HUMAN – The First Series – Novella #6)

Author: Melanie Nowak

Published Date:  March 4th 2016

Genre:  Urban Fantasy/Paranormal Romance


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In this paranormal fantasy, chapters alternate between a vampire and a young woman, as they join an ensemble cast to navigate difficulties of addiction and desire; perils of zombies and vampires; and struggles with abuse, morality and…college.

Novella #6
BATTLES AND BLISS (Lost Reflections – Part 3)
Love is bliss…until someone unleashes a gang of vengeful vampires and zombie slaves upon you… Being in constant fear for her life might be enough to make any girl question her choices. Felicity’s heart may have already been lost to Cain; will she lose her heartbeat as well? ALMOST HUMAN – The First Series Novella reading order: CAPTIVATING VAMPIRES TEMPTING TRANGRESSIONS VENOMOUS REVELATIONS PERSISTENT PERSUASION TELLING TALES BATTLES AND BLISS ECSTASY UNLEASHED STAKES AND SUNSHINE EVOLUTION OF LOVE

An addictive treat for vampire lovers – ALMOST HUMAN – the Venomous Vampire series of epic novels is now being offered as a series of novellas, to entice a new audience of readers who like to taste their stories in bite-sized episodes! Previously published as a trilogy of novels (still also available) it is now being re-published in this alternate format. CAPTIVATING VAMPIRES is Part 1 of the Novel FATAL INFATUATION. All novellas of the first series are planned to be released once a week for the next 9 weeks.

Readers asked for less wait time between books…so future books will be released in parts as novellas at a quicker publishing pace…(gotta have that vampire venom fix!). Check out what long-time vampire venom addicts of the series have been saying in reviews of the series on Melanie Nowak’s Amazon Author page!


***Adult Warning – May Contain Graphic Sex, Strong Language, Or Adult Situations. Caution Advised***
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***Melanie – #NerdGirlVamp’s  Review***
This is the sixth novella in the Almost Human series by author Melanie Nowak and unlike some series they do need to be read in order.

What can I say – these installments just keep on getting better and better. I am totally invested in these characters now and oh the twists and turns just keep on coming. Really hoping that this series stays this good because right now it is my go to read!

5 Stars and on to number 7!



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