Love Me ~ Like That (Love Me, #1) by Renee Kennedy (Review by Stephanie- #NerdGirlLuna)

Love me like that

Title: Love Me ~ Like That (Love Me, #1) 

Author: Renee Kennedy 

Published Date: October 16th 2016

Genre: Romance


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It’s a battle between her head and her heart.
Bailey Reynolds never thought she would ever in her life have to choose between someone that will give her everything she wants in life and someone that makes her feel like she is everything in his life. How does this southern spitfire choose between what her heart wants versus what her head tells her she wants?

Can make her dreams come true
Reaches in the sky and buys any star she desires
Wants to set up a perfect life for her with everything she needs or could want
But every so often can’t dry her tears

He’s not perfect but he was until ~ CASH

Sets her world on fire.
He is everything her heart wants but, not necessarily what her head wants.
He creates his own stars and catches all her tears.
But is love enough?

Sometimes life is full of hard choices but that is when the biggest blessing take root.


***Adult Warning – May Contain Graphic Sex, Strong Language, Or Adult Situations. Caution Advised***
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***Stephanie – #NerdGirlLuna’s  Review***
Love Me Like That, Oh how you have given me whiplash. While reading this book I have flip flopped between love and indifference. Some parts of the story would suck me in and I’d think “I really love where this is going.” And then I would kind of feel like the ball got dropped.

I got wrapped up in Cash and Bailey’s very cute and sexy love story, but Hendrix made me want to through my Kindle. Someone seriously needs to put that man in the middle of the ocean, on an island by himself, surrounded by sharks. That is how much I despised Hendrix, but he made for a good antagonist in the story, and I wish that he had gotten a little more criminal justice then just by the fist. And Bailey, where was your head at girl? I was screaming at the book waiting for her to get some sense. He treated her like a piece of meat and kind of like a hooker, but thank god for men like Cash. While I was not impressed with Bailey’s character, and still felt that by the end of the book she was still pretty immature, I LOVED Cash. I wanted to reach into the book and bring all of that sexy, southern boy charm home with me.

As much as I loved the Southern boy, this book was not my cup of tea.


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