Roots Entwine by Victoria Bastedo (Review by Valerie – #NerdGirlVal)

Roots Entwine

Title: Roots Entwine

Author: Victoria Bastedo

Published Date: August 24th 2014

Genre: YA Fantasy


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Hidden in the trees is a boy with a mysterious past and powerful ability—will the team that found him have to watch him die?

15-year-old Joaquin can hear a man’s heart beating a half a mile away. He can see in the dark when others are stumbling. One whiff and he can tell what was served for yesterday’s dinner. But then he needs near-coma sleep to heal his brain from the searing pain. He’s a Phoshat, and his ability comes with a price.

Rumors spread about the mysterious Phoshat living in the forest around his family’s estate. Then Kallum comes, the tall stranger who leads a mission team for the king. He’s determined to add a Phoshat to the list of talents that his team boasts. He takes on the responsibility of a teenaged, untested Phoshat, and they set out, but soon it’s evident that Joaquin’s gift is so powerful that it almost swings out of control. As their journey goes on and unconsciousness overwhelms Joaquin over and again, Kallum begins to question whether Joaquin is ready for the dangerous mission that’s growing more intense every day.

Joaquin wonders too. Why was he born different than everyone else?

Roots Entwine is a young adult fantasy adventure. A tree standing alone shades no one, but entwining his life with his team moves Joaquin towards the inevitable choice he must make for them. It’s up to him to decide what the sum of his life will be, and if his inborn ability will be a curse to him or the gift that saves his friends.

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***Valerie – #NerdGirlVal’s  Review***
This book was fantastic! Full of surprises, hope, new found friends, action and love for a friend. This story basically shows how you can have a special gift or disability and still find yourself important and worthily. Just because you are different than everybody else, you don’t have to go and hide in the trees.
Phoshat } A 15 year old boy with a special gift that makes him different from everybody else and hidden away in a back room or the forest. This gift is heightened senses and when used to much the Phoshat gets very sick. This young boy joined a team to hunt for a bad man. He has never left his country, forest or town before. But he learned along the way how to control his gift and he saw things he has never seen before. He meat new kinds of people, saw new land and new forest. He made new friends, proved himself to them. He crossed into a new forest and was taken prisoner, but made friends there too. He helped his team find the bad man using his gift. He found a girl that one day could be his wife. He learned he could use his gift for good or bad, his choice.
The story was a very enjoyable fun read. The stories pace was steady and very easy to follow. The journey was exciting and the author kept me on the edge of my seat wondering what was next. The ending was unreal, I cried for Joaquin when the bad guys tried to kill him. I was at awe when the trees sang. I was scared when they kidnapped him. And I was proud when they called him a hero.
When I got to the end, I wished there was a book 2, I would like to see what happens from here. I look forward to reading more of this authors work.


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