Carnal Recovery (Curvy Assignments, #3) by Victoria Bright (Review by Stephenee – #NerdGirlSteph)


Title: Carnal Recovery (Curvy Assignments, #3) 

Author: Victoria Bright

Published Date: March 9th 2016

Genre: Erotica, Romance


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I thought no one could tame me until I met him…

My life revolved around two things— sex and power. As a sex therapist, I helped couples with their intimacy issues while appearing to lead a typical single life. Although I lived a civilized life during the day, by nightfall I transformed into my sadistic, dominating persona.

When a session with my submissive left him severely injured, I found myself sitting in Xavier Bennett’s office for court-ordered therapy. It was one thing to reveal the skeletons in my closet, but it was a different ball game to confess these demons to my colleague. Little did I know, he harbored dark secrets of his own.

After receiving an invitation to assist Xavier with his marriage retreat, I soon learn his intentions weren’t what they seemed. What I thought would be a relaxing work-related vacation turned into a mental bloodbath as we both fought for dominance. Walls will come tumbling down and someone’s bound to get hurt.

There can only be one Master.
Who will come out on top and who will surrender?

***Adult Warning – May Contain Graphic Sex (Including Rape & BDSM, Strong Language, Or Adult Situations. Caution Advised***
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***Stephenee – #NerdGirlSteph’s  Review***

This is the third book in the Curvy Assignments series, but you could read this as a stand alone and understand what is going on. The author does a brief recap of the previous books and the characters are in each book, however, this one focuses primarily on Gia Valencia, Arianna’s best friend. The previous two books focused on Arianna and her life.

The author opens up the book with Gia in some trouble and with no one to turn too. Gia has always been down on love, however, she hasn’t 100% given up on it – she just doesn’t think that it will ever happen for her. She has “slaves” and she is the mistress and she has NO plans on ever giving up control. We then meet one of her associates, Xavier Bennett, a man who is also always in control and a man who always gets what he wants. The 2 reach an impasse that the author has the reader thinking they will never get past…until the week at the cabin.

The author touches on several very difficult subjects, including murder, rape, incest, BDSM and most importantly forgiveness. She takes the reader through every emotion impossible and often times bach through the emotions a few times. You will laugh, cry, scream and at times want to strangle the author for the ugly cry that she causes the readers. It is not just the sniffle cry, it is the big sobbing ugly cry that no reader wants but can’t help but admire the author for causing.

The author touches on these subjects and she does it with respect, with knowledge and without making the reader feel as if she didn’t care about the subjects. You could tell that the author wanted to both have a story but to also inform the reader of what ugliness is out there and how they can help others or themselves cope with it. There is plenty of sex, BDSM and domination but there is also a plot. It isn’t for naught. The book has a purpose and the plot is well written and flows quickly.

Make sure you start this one with an open mind and schedule, because once you start reading you won’t want to stop! It is one wild read! Enjoy (but not too much)!!


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