Bishop Street (Bishop Street #1) by Rene D. Schultz (Review by Valerie – #NerdGirlVal)

Bishop St

Title: Bishop Street (Bishop Street #1) 

Author: Rene D. Schultz

Published Date: February 28th 2014

Genre:  Reality fiction/contemporary


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Bishop Street is an emotional, gut-wrenching journey of survival, friendship, and second chances…

This story is about four powerful friendships that begin at Bishop Street Orphanage. It becomes tainted with lies and deceit, after they leave at eighteen.

Margaret Gray for the past twenty years has hidden behind a facade of normalcy. Now at thirty-nine, her childhood nightmares are back. Despite a successful writing career, and a flawless reputation, she is unable to keep all that she has built from crumbling around her. It’s been twenty years since she’s heard from her friends. Why didn’t they answer her letters? Why didn’t they contact her? Had they survived? Or… had Sister Theresa at the orphanage deceived them with lies, aiming to destroy their friendship, forever?

With nothing left to fear, Maggie hires Damon Depre, a private investigator to find her friends, and seek the truth. This starts her down a twisted path that will once again, test her strength of character. Will she find more than just her friends?

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***Valerie – #NerdGirlVal’s  Review***
Bishop Street is the most powerful story that I have ever read. The Author captured the true meaning of friendship turning into family. I showed how life is real and unfair. Being Adopted myself, but never an Orphan, I felt a huge pull in my heart for these four people. I laughed, cried and smiled throughout the whole book.
Four small children ,Margaret, Elizabeth, Randilph and Lucy, was left at the Bishop Street Orphanage for one reason or the other. They grew up together as friends and most importantly, as a family. They were treated badly there, but that just made them closer as a family. As each turned 18 and had to leave, they lost touch with each other, as we did leaving high school. They had no idea how to fit into this world, or where to go from there. One became a writer, one became a wife and Mother, one became a billionaire in Software, and one was lost beyond lost in the world of drugs and alcohol, living on the street. The only love these children had was from each other, so they tucked away all feelings and tried to go on with life.
One day Margaret, Maggie to her friends, had a break down. She knew for her to go on in life that she had to find her friends/family. So she hired an private investigator, it had been 20 years and who knows what they would find. The story covers each one of them and their lives after Bishop Street. As Maggie started finding each one, one at a time and getting reacquainted with them, her life changed for the better. The most challenging friend was Lucy, but she was worth the time and trouble and Maggie was by her side all the way.
As these 4 friends came together again and became one again, the Author showed how the Government and Legal system works. She showed the possibilities of help out there for addicts. She showed what an addict really goes through on the street and drying out. It was eye opening to say the least.
As powerful as this story is and how it made me feel, I did really enjoy reading it. I had a very hard time putting the book down. This book is true life at it best and at its worst. Excellent Read!


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    I really want to read this now. It sounds like an amazing and emotional read and i love those kind of books

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