Fuck Buddy by Scott Hildreth (Review by Stephenee, #NerdGirlSteph)


Title: Fuck Buddy

Author: Scott Hildreth

Published Date: February 18th 2016

Genre: Romance, Erotica, Contemporary Romance


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HEA, no cheating, no sex outside the relationship. This is a best friends to lovers love story with a great fucking ending. A happy one.

Luke and Liv have been best friends since childhood, and after seven years of failed internet ‘relationships’, Liv turns to Luke one night after 6 glasses of wine and suggests…

“Let’s be fuck buddies”

Liv is cute, strong, and has been in love with Luke since kindergarten. Luke is a free spirit who doesn’t conform to society or its belief system. Luke’s only problem? Luke has a kink. In his opinion, he likes ‘weird sex’.

Liv agrees to the weird sex, and Luke agrees to the fuck buddy relationship. BUT. They both agree, they must remain friends regardless.

Prepare to laugh, fall in love, stand up and cheer, and learn a few things. OH, and buy a new set of batteries first. And, as an added bonus, after FUCK BUDDY, there is a FREE copy of the entire stand-alone, HEA, no cliff hanger #1 Best Selling (2015) novel “Blurred Lines” for your enjoyment.

***Adult Warning – May Contain Graphic Sex, Strong Language, Or Adult Situations. Caution Advised***
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***# Review***
 Every time that I start reading a book by author Scott Hildreth I am instantly hooked – it doesn’t matter what series it is, what characters the book is about or even where the book takes place – it is an instant MUST start, CAN’T stop until I have devoured the book. I have not read a book by this author that I have not liked, not even a little bit. Each book that the author writes he states that “it is his best book yet” and each time I have to agree with him. He just keeps getting better and better….

This book takes us into the lives of Luke and Olivia (Liv). They are best friends and have been for a long time….they are both single and both want to just find a”hook-up”….so they decided to become friends with benefits…until it becomes something more for both of them. There is a lot of bumps in the road and some twists, turns and drops that the reader never sees coming, but they just make the book that much better! The author makes the reader really work for their HEA in this one. There is plenty of drama, suspense, hot, hot sex, and a lot of discovery in this book.

The author really puts his heart and soul into the books and the reader can tell that while he must enjoy writing the books that he also wants to make sure that he throws in a moral or a “WTF” just happened moment that the reader can reflect on and think about as they frantically turn the pages of the book to see what will happen next! This is a steamy page turner that once you finish you just want to start again so that you can see what you missed the first time you zoomed through the book.

This one helps the reader see that no matter what a person goes through in life that there is a reason for things that happen. Luke could have given up after his childhood, but he didn’t and Liv found a way to talk it through with him and understand the reason for some of the things that Luke says or does. It is important for the reader to know that no matter what when love is involved that it is possible to find a HEA. I really enjoyed the way in which the author was able to have this play out for the reader and to keep everything respectful and at the same time informative to the reader.

If you haven’t read this author yet I ask you WHY NOT?!?!? If you have then you know that this will move to the top of your favorites list and it will move there quickly…do yourself a favor and get this one today!


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