Joshua’s Island by Patrick Hodges (Review by Katie- #NerdGirlKtLBLy)

Joshuas Island

Title: Joshua’s Island 

Author: Patrick Hodges

Published Date: December 15th 2014

Genre: Contemporary/Young Adult/Romance


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Joshua is small for his age. He has been bullied relentlessly for years, and all of his friends have drifted away from him. Eve is a pretty girl who has just been recruited into the popular girls’ clique. They couldn’t be more different. But as they begin their final year of middle school, their lives intersect when they are paired together as lab partners in Science class.

At first reluctant to be near him, Eve soon realizes that not only is Joshua nothing like she’d been led to believe, but that their school hides a very nasty secret. The unlikely pair enter into a dangerous relationship that will teach them both the true meaning of friendship, loyalty, and most of all, love … a relationship that will not only change both of their lives forever, but the complexion of their entire school.

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*** Katie- #NerdGirlKtLBLy ‘s  Review***
Joshua is the smallest boy in his eighth grade class. He’s been bullied for years and has had vicious rumors spread about him which has made him a loner. He’s tried to go to the principal but is dismissed each and every time which just makes the bullies that more aggressive towards him. The only thing he does is try to get through things day by day and during lunch hours, goes to a set of bleachers to sit and think about things and imagine it’s his own little island where nothing can hurt him.
Eve will do anything to be popular. During summer break Eve runs into the most popular girl, Rhonda, at the mall and they start to hang out. Eve changes the way she dresses, the way she acts, and even stops talking to her two best friends Emily and Susan even though they’ve been friends for seven years.
Joshua and Eve are put as science lab partners, even though Eve would rather be with anyone else. They don’t participate with each other like they are supposed to until Eve brings home a failed test. She asks for help from him with studying and after a few sessions she realizes that not only is he nothing like what the rumors are saying about him but he’s actually a sweet person.
The story is told in duel perspective with each character telling what they went through and what they witnessed each day. Once Eve realizes all that Joshua goes through, and how long he’s been bullied, it was sweet that not only was she going to help him but how their relationship grew stronger every day. My heart just broke when I was reading how lonely Joshua was and that he felt that no one would ever want to be his friend until Eve came along. The story was very well thought out and very emotional.


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