Sound & Fury: Shakespeare Goes Punk by Jeffrey Cook (Review by Valerie – #NerdGirlVal)

Sound and Fury

Title: Sound & Fury: Shakespeare Goes Punk 

Author: Jeffrey Cook

Published Date: March 2015

Genre:  Science Fiction


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Airships and sky pirates! Brain Modification chips! Technologically enhanced nymphs! Shakespeare goes punk in this first volume of stories from Writerpunk Press.

Profits to go to PAWS Lynwood, an animal shelter and wildlife rescue.

Ask a bunch of eclectic writers to write stories inspired by one of the greatest dramatists of all time. Cast the stories in various punk genres: Cyber, Tesla, Diesel, Steam, Clock. Result: an innovative collection of stories inspired by the Bard, with a twist! Punk stories show the path not taken or the path that shouldn’t be taken. Let us reshape your world.

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***Valerie – #NerdGirlVal’s  Review***
This is a book of short stories. They are Steampunk, Clockpunk, Romance, Action, Young Adult, Paranormal and Fiction. This book is put together by 6 different Authors with their own stories. There is also a bunch of Editing, Design and behind the scenes people involved.
The Authors did a wonderful job with their stories. They kept me going and interested in the stories. Each one had something to do with a lesson to be learned in an underlying message. None of them ended like I thought it would. They kept me guessing on what I thought was next and most of the time I was wrong. They packed a novel into a short story.
Mac } This story is about a man who would do anything to get ahead in her work place, even kill? It was very well written and kept me going to see what would Mac do next. The ending was a hug surprise. But was it worth Mac to do what he did to get ahead? Is it worth losing your best friend, your wife and your life ? Or is it worth taking a family? Or was it all worth it for eternal life? You will have to ask Mac!
The Green Eyed Monster } This story is about comrads and the undercover work they do. Iago is the mastermind behind the destruction of his inner circle. His hatred towards his boss and comrad caused the destruction. They had to fight the green eyed monster and win. But in the end did Iago win or loose? Was The Green Eyed Monster stronger then Iago?
Prospero’s Island } This story is right out of Swiss Family Robinson. Exiled from his throne by betrayal , Prospero and his little girl , ended up on an island called Pergu. This island was made up of nymphs and creatures called sycori. Prospero was the nymphs king. They would fight for him and do anything he asked.
One day there were 2 ships offshore and the nymphs made the ships crash on the island, for boat parts. Prospero sent his daughter, now grown and a worrier, and her troup to one of the boats. He sent others to the other boat. They were to save and bring back any survivors before night fall when the sycori came out to feast. Every thing was going as well as could be. The king on the boat and some of his men were injured, but they were on their way back to the city. Again Prospero was being betrayed by one of his “men”. There was a fight as the shield came down and the sycori attacked. Will they all make it off the island? Can they get their ship working again in time? Or will they all be eaten by the sycori?
A Town Called Hero } War has been going on for 5 years or more. But there is a C-Squadron of flying men fighting the war, that was hit hard. They were running out of fuel and time when they came across an island call Hero. They were told to stay until spring and repair their planes and have a good rest from the war. The guys made friends, started a business, fell in love. Then one day they over heard the head towns people talking about getting rid of them. So they left, but found that it wasn’t them they were talking about, or were they? War, was it really over?
A Winter’s Tale } This story is about two best friends and their children. Both children lost their Mothers soon after being born. Their Father’s got in a fight before they were born and ended their friendship. Some 18 years later, the two kids meet each other, not knowing who the other one really was. They fought pirates and their ships for the good. The kids fell in love and wanted to marry. When the father’s found out, they each tried to stop it. Their hatred was seen by all around and it took a bear named Thomas to chase them away. Love prevails in love and war.

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