Heart Of Stone by S.I. Hayes (Review by Cassandra, #NerdGirlLola)


Title: Heart Of Stone

Author: SI Hayes

Published Date: November 27th 2015

Genre:  Romance


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Donnella Stone is as her name describes, cold, powerful and rich. She is a true Manhattan Blue Blood. This has left her with a problem, the men in her life have often only come for what they can take from her, and it has never been her heart.

To protect herself she has rules and a non-disclosure agreement for all of her relationships with men, she gets what she needs, and promises opportunity, means and her silence once the length of the arrangement ends. It has worked for a decade.

Until she meets Matthew Mayfield, an adorable, awkward artist from Connecticut whose work and passionate attitude instantly intrigue her. The problem? He takes more of an interest in her, than any man she has met before.

Can he get past the dragon and heal her heart of stone or will her past be too much for him to handle, leaving them both on the wayside?

***Adult Warning – May Contain Graphic Sex, Strong Language, Or Adult Situations. Caution Advised***
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***Cassandra, #NerdGirlLola Review***

I don’t read many Billionaire romances but I gotta say of all the ones I’ve read this is the first one were the Billionaire has been a female. I loved the different perspective. I love reading books about women who are comfortable with their sexuality and own it. And let me tell you Donnella Stone definitely owns hers.

Donnella Stone is a woman who knows what she wants. Realizing that relationships are complicated and messy she opts to go the route of six month contracts. During the length of the contract she helps the aspiring man become whatever it is they desire, be it a rockstar, artist, you name it she can help. All she asks for in return is the use of their bodies whenever she wants. To be honest I think the guy gets the better end of the deal.

Donnella is the CEO of her family’s company and is doing great things not just for her company but for the community as well. She just needs that last tile to fall into place to complete one of her biggest projects yet. While all of this is going on she starts a new contract with photographer/ painter Matthew Mayfield. Sparks fly from their first meeting and it just gets hotter from there.

I loved a ton of things about this book. The fact that Donnella is a strong independent woman who is comfortable enough with her sexuality to realize her needs are not abnormal and uses her resources to her advantage. I love Matthew because unlike her other contracts he does take a personal interest in her and sees her as not just his meal ticket but as a woman.

The supporting characters were amazing as well. Janet and Raj are a laugh riot and I loved every scene they were in. Harold is the type of person I would want as my assistant, honest to a fault but I would know he had my back. They added comic relief and I felt they really complimented Donnella and Matthew.

The only thing I can say in the negative is that towards the end it felt like there was too much conflict. Too many bad or just plain wrong things happened either all at once or too close together. I knew there was going to be obstacles that they would need to overcome but to me it just felt like too much.

Overall this is an excellent read. It is very well written and I loved the “new to me” perspective. I would definitely recommend this to any one over the age of 18.


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    I love the cover, and the concept of the billionaire being female. Thanks for sharing!!

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