Falling Forward by Audrey Jane Andrews (Review by Stephanie #NerdGirlLuna)


Title: Falling Forward

Author: Audrey Jane Andrews

Published Date: July 20, 2015

Genre: Romance


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The love of her life is getting married and cynical businesswoman Kate Kleider needs a date. When she ventures out into the world of beaches, bikinis, and bonfires, she finds surfer dude Jamison Rigby. Jamison agrees to be her date, but he’s got something more on his mind … he’s determined to loosen her up. Full of passion, humor, and even a bit of mystery, Falling Forward by Audrey Jane Andrews will be a welcome addition to your contemporary romance library.

New to SoCal, businesswoman Kate Kleider’s introverted world of single living gets turned upside-down when she receives an invitation to her ex-boyfriend’s wedding. She desperately needs a date, for that one night, and nothing more.

Women find laidback Laguna Beach native Jamison Rigby irresistible. He’s tanned, muscular, and witty. However, he swore off the bevy of bikinis to focus on his struggling surf shop.

When he agrees to go to the wedding with Kate, they form an unlikely bond full of humor, cheap food, and – unfortunately – secrets.

***Adult Warning – May Contain Graphic Sex, Strong Language, Or Adult Situations. Caution Advised***
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***Stephanie #NerdGirlLuna Review***
  I really enjoyed reading Falling Forward. The author is an amazing writer and kept me captivated from the very beginning. I was hooked into the story and genuinely cared about what happened to the characters as the stories progressed. The story had humor and a very sweet romance that started with a bump and ended in a bang (no pun intended).
Kate Kleider is an uptight business woman who doesn’t feel comfortable in the laid back atmosphere of SoCal and Jamison Rigby is a laid back native who takes everything in stride. Jamison is easy to fall for. He is romantic and sweet and there is more to him than meets the eye, and he would do anything for Katie. Kate is more of a stick in the mud that took me a long time to warm up to. This is probably my only issue with this whole wonderful book. Katie is very selfish, ornery, and judgmental and she just plain pissed me off. I mean I gave her some leeway due to her pretty crappy upbringing, but at some point even that wore thin. Jamison is such an amazing character and makes the perfect leading man that it just irritated me how much I just did not like Kate. It took until the very end of the book before I ever had a small change of heart. I just wanted to shout, “It’s about time you did something for someone else!” However, in the end, after getting over my mad, I really loved this book and look forward to reading anything that she publishes in the future. She has a great talent for writing and I can’t wait to see what else that brings.


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