Miss Spelled (The Kitchen Witch Book 1) by Morgana Best (Reviewed by Jeannette #NerdGirlJJ)


Title: Miss Spelled (The Kitchen Witch Book 1)   

Author: Morgana Best

Published Date: November 1, 2015

Genre: Fantasy


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Amelia Spelled has had a bad week. Her boyfriend dumps her when she inadvertently gives him food poisoning. Her workplace, a telecommunications center, fires all their staff as they are outsourcing offshore, and she is evicted due to smoke damage resulting from her failed attempts at baking. Amelia thinks her luck has changed when she inherits her estranged aunt’s store, two mysterious cats, and beautiful Victorian house.

Yet has Amelia jumped out of the frying pan into the fire? To Amelia’s dismay, the store is a cake store, and she discovers that her aunt was a witch. To add to the mix, the house has secrets of its own.

When a man is murdered in the cake store, will Amelia be able to cook up a way to solve the crime? Or will her spells prove as bad as her baking?

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*** Jeannette #NerdGirlJJ Review***
A delicious delight!
A delightful tale that is sure to warm your heart!
Amelia Spelled the main character is a complete mess! This gal had the worst luck ever!
Needless to say she find herself with more trouble then she can handle.
I have to tell you I am certainly going to get the next book in the series. I am dying to find out what happens next!

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    This has been on my wish list for a while. Now I’ll have to move it up in priority, it looks great!

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