In the Hands of the Unknown (The Field Researchers, #1) by A.E. Hellstorm (Review by Shelley C – #NerdGirlRed)

In The Hands

Title: In the Hands of the Unknown (The Field Researchers, #1)

Author: A.E. Hellstorm

Published Date: April 1st 2015

Genre: Horror


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FBI-agent Miriam Goldblum attended the prestigious Western Shore University in her youth and got accepted into the secretive Golden Fleece Society after graduation. The Golden Fleece Society deals with the unnatural aspects of reality and as Miriam continues her career in the FBI she and her team gets thrown into cases no one else can handle.
During this sweltering July, the new case starts with the horrifying death of a young girl, and team C2 is soon treading a dance with unknown enemies that will end with nightmares coming true in a desolate village in Alaska.
While struggling with the relationships with on one hand Caesar; the principal investigator of team C2 and her fiance, and Cyrus; her co-worker who always seems to look down at her, she also has to find ways to stay sane in a reality which not always is.

“In the Hands of the Unknown” is the first free-standing book about the Field Researchers of the Golden Fleece Society. This book series is loosely based on the world created by H.P. Lovecraft.

Author’s note: ‘In the Hands of the Unknown’ contains graphic scenes of violence, including sexual violence.

***Adult Warning – May Contain Graphic Sex, Strong Language, Or Adult Situations. Caution Advised***
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***Shelley C – #NerdGirlRed’s  Review***
I love a good mystery and even more so with a paranormal twist to it so this book filled the bill perfectly. I kept having visions of it being a really great idea for an episode of X Files. The story was easy to get into and it did hold my attention throughout. Within a team of three agents, 2 of them are involved as the author adds a little bit of romance to it. The author showcased the individual personalities well and really made the distinction between their personal lives and professional demeanor. I thought the entire story was well written. If I had one issue, it was with paragraph that describes the brutal sexual assault of a child, it was not graphically descriptive but I also think it was more than completely necessary. The understanding that sexual abuse was going on is vital to the story but as far as I’m concerned it didn’t actually have to be written in, it could have just been alluded to. However, that doesn’t change the fact that I really did enjoy this story. The intensity building and horror were absolutely terrifying and gripping. The main character’s evolution, the dynamics of the investigative trio, and the super natural freaky stuff makes me excited to read the next book in the series.


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