El Corazón Sabe: The Heart Knows by R.L. Merrill (Review by Stephenee – #NerdGirlSteph)



Title: El Corazón Sabe: The Heart Knows

Author: R.L. Merrill 

Published Date: February 13th 2016

Genre: Contemporary Romance


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From the author of Haunted, The Rock Season, and Teacher: The Hollywood Rock and Romance Trilogy comes a new love story sure to tug on your heartstrings. R.L. Merrill presents El Corazón Sabe –The Heart Knows…

My name is Leah Mariana Trujillo Roberts and I teach English from mi corazón – my heart. My fragile students are my purpose in life and I give them my all every day. At least I did, until a violent act of retaliation nearly ended my life. I became a shell of a woman, paralyzed with grief, hiding in my closet with my booze-of-the-day wishing the pain would just disappear.

But no self-respecting Latina is allowed to let life get her down, not in mi familia. They scooped me up out of my miserable existence and forced me to face my demons until I was well enough to move on. Which I did—cross country to a new town, new school, and new purpose.

I’d never expected to like Iowa. I definitely never thought I’d have room in my life for a tall, goofy, blond, gringo Science teacher. The first time he hit me with a door, a chain-reaction began and I suddenly found clarity after months of despair. The more we collide, the more conflicted he becomes after experiencing his own devastating loss. Pero cuando el corazón sabe—when the heart knows—it’s time to listen.

For Mature Readers
This is Book One of a planned trilogy


***Adult Warning – May Contain Graphic Sex, Strong Language, Or Adult Situations. Caution Advised***
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***Stephenee – #NerdGirlSteph’s  Review***
I have read all of author R.L. Merrill’s books and this one is so completely unlike any of her others that I was skeptical about it….turns out there was no need to be! She has proven herself as a versatile author with this one! The book hooks the reader right from the start and never lets them go, even after it ends. The reader continues to argue with their kindle that NO – that couldn’t be the end of the book, there needs to be more! It is a losing battle on the readers end as that really was the end….for now! With that being said, I hope that the wait isn’t too long for book 2 in this planned trilogy!!

This book starts out with a BANG – literally, a gunshot bang and continues on with a myriad of other kinds of bangs….The plot is quick moving, it flows seamlessly and it leaves the reader with a ton of conflicting emotions as they zoom through the book. The characters reach inside of the reader and grab them and don’t let go. The author does such an amazing job with the details of this story that the reader feels like they jumped right into the pages of the book and are experiencing all of the emotions of the characters….you will laugh, cry, ugly cry, yell, get angry and then you will start all of those emotions and feelings all over again. The author really puts the reader through the wringer in this one and even though the reader doesn’t want to, they love the author for evoking feelings this strongly from them.

Leah can’t run from her past, but she can work to make a future – and that future includes a guy who may be just as damaged as her….the reader will root for the couple throughout all of the twists, turns, loops and curves of this book. They can’t help but love Crystal and Curtis as well and the author makes all of her characters so incredibly real that the reader wants to be friends with them in everyday life.

Don’t skip this one by author R.L. Merrill – this may be one of her best yet! Different doesn’t mean not as good – in this case it may mean a master at all of the genres! I am looking forward to book 2 and also to what project this author has in store for us next! Don’t be surprised to find author R.L. Merrill’s name on the best-selling list some day soon!! Enjoy this book and all of her others – they are can’t miss, must reads!!

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