Moment of Impact by Rene D. Schultz (Review by Valerie – #NerdGirlVal)

Moment of Impact

Title: Moment of Impact

Author: Rene D. Schultz

Published Date: December 14th 2015

Genre: Reality fiction/Contemorary/Thriller


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In one moment of impact, lives change forever and there is no going back to before. As much as we try or do not want to…we must always continue to take small steps forward. This pushes us to move through the pain and sorrow, for if we lose the will to live…we lose that chance for a new beginning. ~Rene d. Schultz

Seven people board a train to Los Angeles. Each one with their own story… In that one ‘moment of impact’ the train crash will change their lives forever. Some will live and some will die, but the catastrophic rippling effect of the crash will leave many lives and families shattered.

Take this journey….as lives change forever….


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***Valerie – #NerdGirlVal’s  Review***
This is a life changing story, that makes you so glade to be alive and well. I was totally blown away with this story. I love how the author started the story out with the beginning of each characters’s day and how their life is. It really gives you a sense of who they are and how thier life is.
The impact had me holding my breath until it was over. I could feel their pain, how scared they were and how terrifying it could really be. I noticed at the end of that chapter I was shaking.
The change. Talk about your surprises. Harper, I sobbed reading about her outcome. What her fiance~ did for her was the most Heart stopping, Love that there is. My heart was breaking and smiling at the same time.
Yun, I know exactly how she felt being adopted and not knowing who you are and wondering about your birth family. I was adopted at 3 months old and have those same thoughts. Her ?????? was a great surprise and I’m so glade it happened that way.
Jose~ turned out to be a wonderful surprise. Some one finally listened to him and his Mom. Unfortunately in today’s society, the ones that really need the help are swept under the bridge. I’m glade things turned around for him, it could of turned out worse.
Karyn, my heart ached for her. Single Mothers have it rough. Her case worker turned out to be a God send and good friend to her. It was so nice to see her get what she deserves. Happy kids and happy life. We need more people in the system to care about the people who really need help and are not just trying to beat the system.
Terrence, he was another one that had it rough after the impact. I was so proud of his son and how he handled his Father, like a man. For a young boy, he is wise beyond his years. Their ending was a complete surprise.
Enrique, he reacted as I would of if I were in his shoes. I felt for him in many ways. I even prayed he would find a way to cope. It was not his fault of any kind in my book. The truth was not what I expected at all. Good ending for him.
And Chase, all I can say is he got what he had coming to him. What he did was wrong and he got caught.
The 1 year Anniversary, was full of surprises and they were all very nice ones. It was nice to see how their lives turned out a year later. Yes every ones lives were changed one way or another, but they were alive and made it. The ones who died at or just after, their memory will always be with everybody that was involved.
This was an amazingly true to life story. It really makes you think about what can really happen to you or a loved one and how it can impact lives. The train crash in Philly last year is almost the same thing. You hear of people dieing and how many are hurt, but you never know how their lives were changed from the impact. Really makes you think!


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