Write Me Home by Crystal Walton (ARC Review by Stephenee – #NerdGirlSteph)

Write me Home

Title: Write Me Home 

Author: Crystal Walton

Published Date: Expected February 25th 2016

Genre: Contemporary clean romance


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He lives by his heart. She lives by her plans. Until they lose control of both.

Returning to his hometown in the Catskills is the last thing firefighter Ethan DeLuca’s ready for. He’d rather leave memories where they belong—buried under ashes. But if he doesn’t step up to take care of Nonna, who will? Working at the camp down the road seems like the perfect solution. Until his feisty redheaded boss ends up being one fire he has no idea how to put out.

Cassidy McAdams is on a mission. Get the camp Grandpa left her ready to sell, turn enough profit to bail Mom’s business out of foreclosure, and hightail it back to her life in New York City. With unexpected complications mounting, she can’t afford any distractions. Especially a ridiculously charming one who’s eager to rescue her at every turn.

It’d be easier on them both to hide behind professional boundaries. But when unexplained attacks on the camp ignite a connection between them they can’t ignore, running away is no longer an option.

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***Stephenee – #NerdGirlSteph’s  Review***
This was my first book by author Crystal Walton, but it will not be my last!! I love when I am able to find a New To Me author that I instantly NEED more of!! I have already Stalked, I mean Checked out what other books she has written that I need to get (and trust me you will too once you read this one)!

The author did an amazing job of drawing the reader straight into the pages of her book! She instantly hooks them from the very first page and doesn’t ever let them go until they have read the very last page, and even then the reader doesn’t want the book to end! The plot is so quick and fast moving that the reader gets caught up in the flow and doesn’t want to stop reading until the very end…however, in my case, real life made me take breaks – sigh –

The characters are perfectly imperfect and they each have something missing from their lives that the reader works hard to fill the blanks in for them (creating stories within the stories as they read). The author has the reader zooming through the pages so fast that their fingers get cramps from working so hard! The reader can relate to Cass, Ti and Ethan and can’t help but wish that their Nonna was just like the one in the book! Cassidy is reeling from the break-up of her parents years ago and her mom’s addiction, Ti is still figuring out that she deserves love and Ethan is trying to save everyone around him but himself….the characters really make an impact on the reader and the author does an amazing job of bringing everyone together and creates a world that the reader wants to stay inside of.

The description of the man made canoes, the smell of the old buildings and the scenery around the camp is so well written that the reader can actually picture it all in their mind. The long driveway is one in which I could easily see myself going down and never wanting to leave! There is no sex in this book, just sweet old fashion romance – hand holding, kissing, fighting and making up over silly things and it works for the book in a really great way! It doesn’t cause the reader to become distracted while reading.

I can’t wait to try out another book by this author! Add this one to your TBR list and move it straight to the top! There is no reason to wait any longer on this one!!

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  • Christine #NerdGirlPixie

    This looks good. Another for the shelf.

  • Kel

    Argh, just what I need, more books for my TBR shelf LOL! Thanks for sharing!

  • Thanks so much, Stephenee. I had an absolute blast hanging out with these characters and telling their story. I’m so glad you enjoyed it. :)

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