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I could write about how the word comes from the Latin prōcrāstinātiō f ‎(genitive prōcrāstinātiōnis), literally ‘a putting off for tomorrow’, and the word comes into our language from Middle French around 1540. I could also bore you with the roots of the behavior in the pre-frontal cortex of the human brain, and how that’s the same part that deals with impulse control (something else not on my short list of strengths), but neither one of those are particularly interesting to me.

Instead, I’m going to talk about my other creative outlets. The stuff that I do when I’m not writing or when the writing just isn’t coming for whatever reason. I choose not to view my somewhat fluid sense of self-amusement as procrastination, more of a sine wave of creativity. It’s all in my head but the means of visual expression varies and ebbs.

When I’m not writing, one of my favorite things to do is read. I know it seems like I’ve traded one literary master for another, but when I’m writing, I abstain from reading because I don’t want to copy anyone else’s style (even inadvertently. Especially inadvertently), so I’m famished when I come out of my writing mood. I cut a swath through my TBR pile, I catch up on my fanfic that had been piling up from my fave fandom authors. In other words, I like seeing things on a screen from the minds of people who aren’t me.

If I’m not reading, my catch-all is crochet. I’m actually mid-afghan and will likely be for the rest of my life as my granny squares are fairly intricate. It’s great to work with something so in color and three-dimensional, and the bonus is I’ve gotten to the point where I can crochet and do other things simultaneously. So, if there’s a show on I want to watch, I can pull up a ball of yarn, my H hook, and go to town, all while occasionally pausing to fast-forward through commercials.


My newest addition is knitting. My younger sister taught me how to cast on and do the knit stitch over Christmas, and I’ve been hooked ever since (no pun intended). Since my sister lives in Iowa and I don’t, I’ve been carrying on with my studies via youtube and I’d like to get to her level when a cable-knit isn’t just a great look on a cardigan, but a feasible idea. It’s good to have goals. Plus, while I’m knitting, I can watch vids on everything from cooking the perfect alfredo to fanvid music videos of BBC’s the Musketeers.

Normally what happens is that my writing muse wanders off for a union break, but rather than leave the rest of the muses unattended, it gives them the opportunity to flourish while out from under her viciously demanding rule. Having your muse get up and walk out on you can be scary, admittedly, but so long as I keep the others busy, I know she’ll come back. She always does.

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In addition to writing, Alexis has a day job in law enforcement, several dogs, and a very patient husband. She’s been writing since childhood and firmly believes you miss every shot in life you don’t take. Her latest book is a sweet romantic comedy entitled No Such Thing.


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