Street Fair (Fair Folk Chronicles Book 2) by Jeffrey Cook & Katherine Perkins (Review by Valerie – #NerdGirlVal)

Street Fair

Title: Street Fair (Fair Folk Chronicles Book 2)

Author: Jeffrey Cook & Katherine Perkins

Published Date: January 1st 2016

Genre: YA Urban Fantasy


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The weekend of the Fremont Solstice Fair is also the weekend of the Goblin Market. Megan’s adjusted enough to this Unseelie Princess thing to see some use in all this colorful shopping potential, both real-world and magical, even if she can get ahead of herself sometimes.
But someone wants to use the Market for his own destructive purposes. And he knows a guy who’s great at ruining other people’s Midsummer nights.


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***Valerie -#NerdGirlVal’s  Review***
This story was very exciting! There is a lot more action in it with a side of a little romance, family bonding and supence. The flow of the story is exclent! I had a hard time putting the book down.
The two fairs were so cool! I loved that Cassia’s band was a mix of both worlds. The authors covered the mortal’s very well in Faerie and I loved the groups response to being in another realm. The Kids adventure was more like I thought it would be. Action, suspense, twists and turns, surprises. As I’m reading this, I could picture it as an animated movie.
I love how Megan giving up something, to give her Mom a special gift. I could see Megan’s wide eyes as she walked through the fair. It was a nice surprise to have her Mom change, I hope to see Megan reintroduce her Mom to her Dad again and they are a happy family.
The war was something else. I couldn’t believe how the Queen and King came together. The opponents they fought were right from Halloween. How the kids fought and made their way to the Dr. was great. Megan and her singing was out of this world.
Once again, I enjoyed reading this series one book at a time. Each one is better than the last. I truly look forward to the next one and see where and what kind of adventure the kids go on next.

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