Fostered by Vanessa Marie (Review by Katie- #NerdGirlKtLBLy)


Title: Fostered 

Author: Vanessa Marie

Published Date: November 2nd 2015

Genre:  Young Adult/Coming of Age Young Adult/Romance


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You know what makes me different?
The thing that sets us apart?
Life experience.
I’ve never been tucked in at night.
Hot meals and clean clothes might as well be fairytales…
I’ve never felt safe enough.
Only by the police.
The word doesn’t exist in my vocabulary.
I’m damaged goods.
An easy paycheck.
I thought there was an ulterior motive…
There always has been.
Until I met the McKinleys.

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***Katie- #NerdGirlKtLBLy’s Review***
Dante has never had a good life. He’s been a foster kid his whole life and has been shuffled from group home to group home. He’s a bright kid but no one has any expectations for him, until his newest set of foster parent, the McKinley’s, take him in. He just expects this to be another family where they keep him for a while, get a few pay checks and send him on his way, but the McKinley’s have been wanting to foster a child for a while. They may not know everything about Dante’s troubled past, but they want him so they can help him have a better brighter future. He does things that don’t seem to be a big deal to him but are to them and their caring for him is new that Dante actually wants to be better. Dante’s past does come back to hurt him sometimes, and every time he’s terrified that they will decide to just get rid of him once and for all and he’s terrified of that because he’s falling in love with his new family.
I loved this book. I love reading about troubled kids in foster homes who finally get a chance at a better life. I laughed, I cried, I feel in love with all the characters, and when it seemed that trouble was brewing for Dante I was so hopeful that nothing bad would happen. The way Dante finally felt love and respect for once in his life was so rewarding and made me so happy and made reading that much more enjoyable.


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