The Awakening (Emerge #1) by Melissa A. Craven (Review by Jaime – #NerdGirlJay)

Emerge The Awakening

Title: The Awakening (Emerge #1) 

Author: Melissa A. Craven 

Published Date: April 1st 2015

Genre:  Fantasy/Paranormal


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Allie Carmichael has always believed life is simple.
You’re born.
You live.
You die.
She has no cause to believe that equation works differently for her, but there has to be a reason the world treats her like a pariah.
When an unexpected move to Kelleys Island brings Aidan McBrien crashing into her life, Allie is thrown by his reaction. He doesn’t shrink from her touch. He doesn’t stutter or make a quick exit. He smiles and welcomes her into his circle of friends, who aren’t exactly comfortable with Allie, but they seem to get her in a way most people don’t.
Finally, Allie has a real shot at normal and rides that high right up to her sixteenth birthday when she wakes in agony—an experience Aidan insists they have all faced. She struggles in ignorance, uncertain of what is real and what isn’t. When she emerges, Allie is different. She has always been different, but even among her extraordinary friends, she and Aidan are special.
As Allie struggles to maintain her tenuous grasp on the power that threatens to overwhelm her, she worries she will lose herself in this strange new world. A dangerous world where she will have to fight tooth and nail to defend the power and freedom that is her birthright.
…only Allie hates to fight.

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***Jaime – #NerdGirlJay’s  Review***
Always an outsider, Allie Carmichael has no idea why people avoid her. She has spent her life moving from place to place. After settling in Kelleys Island, she thinks everything will be the same. The people here avoid her too. Except Aiden. She sees herself as your average, everyday normal high school girl. Until her 16th birthday. The day of her Awakening. She discovers that she is one of the chosen few who will lead an immortal life. She starts to accept who and what she is and comes into her powers. She is more powerful than her friends. Except for Aiden.

I really enjoyed Allie’s character. She is a strong female lead and totally badass. The chemistry is great between her and Aiden. They really hit it off and he is so self sacrificing when it comes to Allie. The story was kind of slow due to the back history of the Immortals, but it does pick up and you become immersed in the world of the Immortals.

There is a little of everything. Fantasy, action, romance. A definite terrific start to a series! An awesome debut novel from Melissa A. Craven.


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