Shifter Fates: Declan’s Descent (Shifter Fates # 3) by Laila Raimes (Review by #NerdGirlSara)

Shifter Fates

Title: Shifter Fates: Declan’s Descent (Shifter Fates # 3) 

Author:  Laila Raimes

Published Date: July 31st 2015

Genre:   Paranormal Romance/Erotica


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***Declan’s Descent is book 3 in the Shifter Fates Series and is Not a Standalone book***

With five pups on the way the stakes are as high as they’ve ever been. Elle has never been this stressed… This powerless.

Cole and Jaxon are as loving as ever. Nothing new there. But Declan’s changed. He’s gone from being an introvert in hiding to wanting to always be with Elle. To being possessive.. Overly possessive.

As the war heightens, and boils to the surface, so do their enemies. Tiel plays his next hand. From that point on it’s one spiral after another until the daemon blood Merged with Declan’s DNA reveals just how deep it runs.

A pregnant ‘princess,’ another kidnapping, a visit into the Unseelie Court, and a ménage a quatre are just the beginning. Read and find out what’s so different between our wolf-shifters and their daemonic counterparts the Shades.

18+ due to violence, graphic sexual situations, and language.


***Adult Warning – May Contain Graphic Sex, Strong Language, Or Adult Situations. Caution Advised***
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***#NerdGirlSara’s  Review***
Though it says four, I want to give it a 4.5! I loved how tense this one was but I feel there may have been just too much going on, I don’t know how poor Elle handles all the stress!

Three guys in your life may seem like heaven but this book, with Declan’s possessiveness, brings in a more realistic edge to their fourway relationship and Elle has to find a way to handle it.

This book is definitely not a standalone, the third in the Shifter Fates series.

If you haven’t read the other two, you’re missing out! This has to be the only series I’ve read where there are multiple partners with hot sex and an amazingly intricate plot, emphasis on the plot!


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