Rising Suns (Dawn of Steam #3) by Jeffrey Cook (Review by Valerie – #NerdGirlVal)

Rising Suns

Title: Rising Suns (Dawn of Steam #3)

Author:  Jeffrey Cook 

Published Date: March 9th 2015

Genre: Steampunk


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1817 sees the first signs of recovery from the Year Without a Summer – and the beginning of the end of the journey of the airship Dame Fortuna. The crew first accept a unique offer from the Shogun of Japan, traveling with the Dutch contingent from the island of Dejima into the isolationist nation. From there, their travels will take them through the English colonies in Australia and India, into darkest Africa, and eventually home to England. Along the way, confrontations loom, and both personal secrets and national conspiracies are uncovered. By the time a future queen is born, nothing less than the fate of England and the direction of world events are at stake. Dawn of Steam: Rising Suns is an alternate-history, emergent Steampunk epistolary novel, following after Dawn of Steam: First Light and Dawn of Steam: Gods of the Sun.


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***Valerie – #NerdGirlVal’s Review***
Dawn of Steam: Rising Sun was full of surprises and ups and downs. The story of Japan, I could see this happening with trying to see the Shogun and being treated well as so called prisioners. I did not expect the attempts and the uncovering of wrong doing. Africa was way off base from what I expected. I knew they would run into York and a fight, but never saw the dealings with York coming. I was shocked at the whole truth behind his part. Their fight in the city was great!
I was very excited to see that they were finally going back to England, even tho I did enjoy the travel and adventures. Knowing that there was going to be reunions and new life there, I felt some hope for them. Then when Montaque showed up and started his stuff, I was thrown. At least they learned the rest of the truth behind everything. I felt proud of their fight against him and how they fought and who they fought for. I had tears in my eyes when one of them died. I really didn’t expect it to end this way.
The ending was nothing like I thought it would be. Jillian surprised me to no end. I never thought she could do what she did, but it turned out for the bust. Miss Penn was a shame and I felt for Sam with all my heart. I really think they were lovers and in love with each other. What Dr. Bowe had to say about the fountain of youth made sence, but what happened to it, I saw coming just by the way things are today. I did like that the author did give us a to date update on everybody. It was nice knowing how everybody turned out in the years to come.
All in all, I really enjoyed this book and the two before it. I think the Trillogy would make a good movie. Some of the inventions I had a hard time picturing them, but I did my best. For my first Steampunk reads, I now see what all the fuss is about this genre. I have now added Steampunk to my list of reads because of this Trilogy.


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