Hot Shade by Tamara Lush (Review by Christine – #NerdGirlPixie)

Hot Shade

Title: Hot Shade 

Author:  Tamara Lush

Published Date: September 30th 2015

Genre: Contemporary romantic suspense


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Romance is the last thing on reporter Skylar Shaw’s mind, and all she wants is to work hard and move on from her small-town newspaper job in Florida. A recent college graduate, Skylar’s all alone in the world. Her family is dead, she’s miles from where she grew up and she’s struggling in her career. And she’s sworn off men since breaking up with her abusive ex-boyfriend.

But when she meets a rich and mysterious Italian while covering a story, her carefully constructed plans for the future are blown to bits. Luca Rossi is gorgeous, funny and brilliant, and she’s determined to uncover his secrets.

After a lonely year on the run from the Mafia, Luca will do anything to possess this vulnerable American beauty. Luca’s got a dark past, though, and he’s reluctant to share it with anyone — much less a gorgeous woman who asks lots of questions.

Soon erotic nights will bleed into dangerous days, and nowhere will be safe from the heat.
NOTE: This book is for mature audiences only. There’s a little violence, some Florida intrigue and lots of erotic scenes between a hot Italian man and a sexy, curvy woman…


***Adult Warning – May Contain Graphic Sex, Strong Language, Or Adult Situations. Caution Advised***
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***Christine – #NerdGirlPixie’s  Review***

Hot Shade by Tamara Lush is a contemporary romantic suspense novel about two journalists, one American, and one Italian, hiding from the mafia.

This story, and these characters, feel real to me, because they both come with their share of baggage. The story is set in Florida, and there were times the writing evoked the feel of the tropical heat.

The only problem I had with the story, was the heroines delay in actual intercourse. It seemed to me, if she was trying to hold off on intimacy, some of the activities they had indulged in (Hot Hot, by the way) were more intimate.

But other than that, this was a good book, about real people meeting in unusual circumstances.


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  • Christine #NerdGirlPixie

    Really enjoyed this one, thank you Miss Tamara Lush!

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    Sounds good! terri mcneal

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