What NOT to Do in Bed: (Book 1, Vineyard Springs series) by Rochelle French (Review by Stephenee – #NerdGirlSteph)

What not to do in bed

Title: What NOT to Do in Bed: (Book 1, Vineyard Springs series)

Author: Rochelle French 

Published Date:  August 26th 2015

Genre: Contemporary Romance, NA


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Blogger Victory Lennox is on the hunt for professional success, not a man. But when she comes across the deliciously sexy movie star Cooper Fairclough running naked down a country lane—trying to catch up with his ride and his dignity—she wonders if maybe it’s time for a fling.

Cooper used to have a thing for his little sister’s best friend, but back then Victory had been too sweet and innocent for a playboy like him. Now, however, he’s done with the limelight and his former wild ways, and it doesn’t take him long to realize Victory’s grown up to become rather…saucy. Couldn’t hurt to date her now, right?

When Victory’s self-help blog for men called “What NOT to Do in Bed” gains instant success, she’s thrilled. But when the public discovers she’s dating the infamous Cooper Fairclough, they mistakenly think he’s the column’s featured Mr. Incompetent. Suddenly, #WhatNOTtoDoinBed, #MisterIncompetent, and #DontPullACoop go viral, and Cooper’s definitely not happy to be thrust back into the spotlight he’s fought to avoid. And as the publicity heats up, Victory finds she must choose between the fame she sought and a chance at love.


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***Stephenee – #NerdGirlSteph’s  Review***
I have read all of the books (so far) in Author Rochelle French’s Meadowview series and while they are a bit more serious, this book is also an amazing start to a new series, The Vineyard Series. This book contains more humor than mystery and sets the reader on a different path that does however cross over Meadowview’s. I enjoyed the references to the other series and I am excited to see what the author does with this new one. It starts off with a bang –

Victory has only ever wanted to be someone…Cooper has always been in the spotlight….can the two of them make something work that fits both of their hopes, dreams and plans together? The reader can only hope and frantically turn the pages of the book to see what happens. The author takes the reader on a fast paced, roller coaster ride while they are reading this book. The reader is on the edge of their seats waiting and wondering what is going to happen next and there is no way that the reader can predict what the author has in store for what quickly becomes two of the readers favorite new characters!

The reader will be rooting for Victory and Cooper….all while they are laughing, sitting in a state of disbelief and yelling/crying right along with the characters in the book. The readers become personally invested in this story and they can’t stop thinking about the characters even after they have finished reading the book. They want more and they want it now! I can’t wait for book 2 in this series and I hope that I don’t have to wait long!

The reader will love the author’s quick pace, flowing plot and complex characters. They will become invested in their lives as if they were “real life” friends and the reader will not want to stop reading even after they have turned the last page in the story. This is a can’t miss author and it is one that you will be wondering how you haven’t started reading before now. Add this one and all of her others to your TBR list – you won’t be sorry!! You will have plenty to read during these long winter months and these books will make you feel warm and cozy inside! Enjoy!!


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