7: The Seven Deadly Sins by Casey L. Bond , Jo Michaels Tia Silverthorne Bach , Kelly Risser , & N. L. Greene (Review by Melanie V””V – #NerdGirlVamp)


Title: 7: The Seven Deadly Sins

Authors:  Casey L. Bond , Jo Michaels  Tia Silverthorne Bach , Kelly Risser , &  N. L. Greene

Published Date: January 7th 2016

Genre: Historical Romance


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Seven marks upon a wall.
Tom may rise, but he may fall.
Through five lives, no one dares mention,
of the sin for which he seeks redemption.
Fates will meet, and you will see,
what will thus become of he.


***Adult Warning – May Contain  Sex, Strong Language, Or Adult Situations. Caution Advised***
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***Melanie – #NerdGirlVamp’s  Review***

WOW! I am not sure I actually have the vocabulary to put together the sort of review this book deserves without revealing a ton of spoilers, which I refuse to do as this story REALLY needs to be read without them.

I knew that this book was different before I started, with 5 authors telling a series of stories, but all the stories somehow linking but what I WASN’T prepared for was the journey they were about to take me on.

Each author manages to maintain their own voice and yet each story easily reads as part of the same book. Twisting and turning eventually you get the answers you will be desperate for BUT I would defy ANYONE that hasn’t read spoilers to work out what they are before they are presented.

Seriously if somebody had told me the concept I think I would have had to say there is no way this would work – but it does. And it is BEAUTIFUL!

I highly recommend anyone who has even a remote passing interest in anything historical pick this book up!

An easy 5 stars from me! V””V


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  • Oh my goodness! Thank you so much for reviewing our book :) I’m thrilled you enjoyed it as much as you did! Totally happy dancing over here. <3

    • VampireLovingDork

      My Pleasure! An AMAZING piece of writing! V””V

  • Tia Bach

    Oh, my! Thank you so much for reviewing and for such kind words. Thrilled you enjoyed it! #Madlove

    • VampireLovingDork

      I did! This was my “fun” read for this weekend. Read it cover to cover! Loved it! V””V

  • Christine #NerdGirlPixie

    This looks so good!

  • SuziSummer

    I’m going to have to get this book. I’ve heard such good things about it Terri Mcneal

  • Author Casey L Bond

    Thank you for this awesome review! <3

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