Arden’s Act by Elizabeth Thomas (Review by #NerdGirlBecca)

Ardens Act

Title: Arden’s Act

Author: Elizabeth Thomas 

Published Date: December 2nd 2014

Genre:  Historical Romance


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In 1661, Arden West runs away from an abusive Puritan stepfather with the goal of becoming one of the first actresses of the London stage. One of the first people she meets is the jaded and sensual aristocrat Robert Courtenay, and sparks fly hot and fast between them. Will he help or harm her new career? Will she give up her quest for fame for him? Will he give up his arranged betrothal for her?
Will her stepfather succeed in dragging her back to his peculiar brand of torment? And what of Charles II’s desire to make Arden his royal mistress? Royal intrigue, assassination plots, ghosts, and kidnappings are among the obstacles standing in the way of Arden and Robert’s chances for happiness.


***Adult Warning – May Contain Graphic Sex, Strong Language, Or Adult Situations. Caution Advised***
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***#NerdGirlBecca’s  Review***
Historical romances are always a yes for me. I sometimes wish that I had lived back in those days, but I know that realistically I couldn’t live without plumbing and hot water. Anyway, Arden’s Act was right up my alley. Arden is a young woman who runs away from her abusive puritan stepfather to come to London and become an actress. That’s when the real adventure begins. Throughout the entire book, Arden’s stepfather lurks around in her mind as trying to take her back and I can totally relate to that. She falls in love with a handsome and mature man Robert, who I fell in love with from the moment he appeared in the book. There is a love triangle, adventure, and intrigue. Everything that a reader would look for in a book. I only gave it a 3 out of 5 stars though.

Although I loved the characters, I couldn’t get into the entire situation. Without spoiling everything for other readers, I just couldn’t believe all of the things that Arden did in the book. I also didn’t really feel the love between the characters. It seemed stilted and undeveloped. For me, I thought the pacing of the book was off. It was just too quick for everything. The writing was flawless, and the characters were lovable but the situations and how quickly things would change didn’t sit well with me. For example, Robert and Arden have only known each other a day before she jumps into an advantageous relationship with him. It didn’t bother me so much because I understand the reasons behind it, but then just as quickly he is leaving to go on a mission for the King. Huh? There was no time for them to fall in love, besides getting to know each other in the sheets. I could get passed all of this, but then something comes up and changes the entire story. I loved the plot twist, but I didn’t like that it happened all so quickly. Again, this book would have been an easy 4 stars at least, but the pacing was just off for me. I loved the characters, and I loved the plot it was refreshing and filled with moments that I couldn’t get out of my head for hours, but the pacing really did it for me.

I still would recommend this book to all my friends because the plot really caught me and I loved it. I just had a hard time with myself getting through how quickly things changed throughout the book. It has the ending I was hoping for, and for once it wasn’t just a straight line from point A to happily ever after, and that’s what I want readers to take away from this book.


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