The Cure by Tania Hagan (ARC Review by Jaime – #NerdGirlJay)

The Cure

Title: The Cure

Author: Tania Hagan 

Published Date: Expected February 16th  2016

Genre: Science Fiction/Dystopian


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Eighteen-year-old Genesis Weatherby is a clone of a long-dead silent-screen star. In order to eradicate cancer, GOD–the Genetic Operations Division–only allows procreation by way of the code-regeneration system. All of her life, Genny has learned “Original” births are the greatest threat to the cancer-free world. But, what happens when dashing British newcomer, Nat Wilkinson, steps into her perfect life, and overturns everything she ever believed?

Buoyed by their love for each other, as well as by their mutual distrust of GOD, Nat and Genny hatch a dangerous plan to change the system, one child at a time.

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***Jaime – #NerdGirlJay’s  Review***
Genesis Weatherby is a clone, like everyone else in the world in the future. Everyone is a clone of someone, whether famous or not. Cloning is run by GOD-the Genetics Operations Division. Procreation is on legal if it’s a code-regeneration by GOD. This was put into play to eradicate cancer.

Genny has been taught that Original births threaten the world by reintroducing cancer into society. But where do the nightmares she, and her baby sister Ember, have come from? After meeting British newcomer Natane Wilkinson, Genny begins to question everything she has been taught. Genny and Nat decide to change the world, one child at a time.

This was a very refreshing book to read. I loved the concept of cloning and Original births. The story is really original and I loved the characters. Genesis and Natane have a real bond and want to really change the world for the better. I adore their gay friend Sigby. He is a riot! Their friend Renata is that really down to earth friend who keeps everyone grounded.

If you are looking for something that has a bit of science fiction, a dystopian society and some romance, I definitely recommend this. Great story! Looking forward to reading more from this author.


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