Petri Dish Diaries (Vampire, Shifter, Paranormal Romance) by Ellen Cummins (Review by Gladys – #NerdGirlOfficial)

Petri Dish

Title: Petri Dish Diaries (Vampire, Shifter, Paranormal Romance)

Author: Ellen Cummins

Published Date: May 12th 2015

Genre:  Paranormal Romance


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Sadie’s heart should have never been allowed to beat. And the scene of her birth is not something you should imagine while sitting alone in the dark.

She was created in a petri dish—half human—half vampire. And she thinks she’s the only one. Unable to fit in, killing whomever she tries to love, she banishes herself into hiding only feeding on the lowest of the low. But there are some things even the stealthiest and hungriest of vampires can’t avoid.

A sick minded man will find his way back.

Doctor Gentry, the man that created and abandoned her, is back for one last experiment, but a wrench is thrown into the machine when his other experiments find her first—

Can love tame a vampire? There’s a new twist on bloodlust in town and this new splice isn’t pretty.


*** Caution Advised – Reviewer suggest 13+ for some violence  ***
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***Gladys – #NerdGirlOfficial’s  Review***
First let me start out by saying that the writing is fantastic, the concept ingenious and the characters are genuine. This novella is a great beginning to the series. With that being said, it felt rushed and the world building could have used some more finese. I felt the characters were so unique that their life before and during would have been enhanced with some more descriptive backdrop. This series could really be a killer!! Sadie, aka experiment 80, is said to be the last of his experiements let go from his laboratory but so much more happened. So much to learn, about herself, the experiments and what is to come. She is found by Dr. Needles, Nathan, first and he saved her from herself by giving her a reprieve. From what? You will need to find out. And do it as their love-fueled happiness is short when DR. GENTRY returns for his final hurah!! I do recommend reading it as it is a backdrop to future books, I hope she will continue and enhance on. Come on back to Nerd Girl and give me a second look into your world Ellen. I am very interested in how you AND your characters progress!! I give you a 3.5 rounded to a 4!! Hope yo see you again!


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