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TITLE: Broken Pieces Series: Part 1 & 2

AUTHOR: Stephanie Gresham

PUBLISHER: Booktrope Publishing

RE- RELEASE: Dec 1st, 2015


What would you do if your life was ripped away from you?

Fayth grew up with a huge secret. One that she was too ashamed to let anyone else know. Tyler is the one person in her life that she wants and feels she is not good enough to have. That is until something tragic happens.

Tyler wants nothing more than to be Fayth’s one and only, but he knows that she is hiding something from him. After his tragic accident, Tyler has to find a way to become himself again.

Will they both be able to overcome their problems? Will it lead them back to each other?


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Stephanie is a transplanted Yankee from New Jersey who grew up in the mountains of East Tennessee. The middle child of three siblings and recently married to the love of her life.

Growing up she thought her life would be that of a CEO of a Fortune 500 company but she turned to the life of saving people’s lives as a paramedic.

Writing came from a co-worker inspiration. Never thinking she had a story to tell but here she is expressing thoughts of real life happenings embedded in her fictional world.

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