Those Who Remain: Book Two – A Zombie Novel by Priscila Santa Rosa (Review by Shelley C – #NerdGirlRed)

Those who remain 2

Title: Those Who Remain: Book Two – A Zombie Novel

Author: Priscila Santa Rosa

Published Date: October 27th 2014

Genre: YA/Horror/Action & Adventure


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The longer someone survives in the Zombie Apocalypse, the worse things get. Ammo and hot water run out, and everyone gets cranky. The high survival rate of sociopaths doesn’t help either.

So it’s no wonder things are going from bad to worse for Danny. His town is being threatened by a band of mercenaries with a thirst for blood and their only chance of winning is Lily. Now alone, she’s determined to reach Redwood and save the very town that wanted her family gone.

Meanwhile, Dr. Maria and Seargent Tigh travel across snow-filled roads toward the unlikely chance of civilization. They might have better luck than Peter and Laurie, who are trying to survive in the woods by themselves.

But we can’t forget a certain briefcase…

Those Who Remain: Book Two is part of a trilogy.

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***Shelley C – #NerdGirlRed’s  Review***
Book 2 is a continuation of the story, no lapses in time or anything like that. The action and flow are steady and still kept me glued to the pages not knowing what would happen next. The point of view switching was a bit more difficult this time due to such increased interaction between all the separate characters. I did find myself skimming over a few of the repeated versions of the same incidents. (some of my frustration was because I was so obsessed with finding out what the heck happened, that I couldn’t take the time to appreciate the subtle difference in view points)  I like that this story is not predictable. Some of the issues brought up in this part of the story made me wonder how I would handle the Zombie Apocalypse. The author brings up some good moral and personal choices that people would have to face. She shows the inner conflicts, the consequences of the choices made, and represents both the pros and cons of trying to keep a society together under such perilous times. I love how she brought this portion of their stories to a peak and will be diving into Book 3 immediately to find out how it may end.


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