The Damaged by Simon Law (Review by Valerie – #NerdGirlVal)

The Damages

Title: The Damaged 

Author: Simon Law

Published Date: October 27th 2015

Genre: Psychological Thriller/Horror


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The storm of ’87 had been the greatest, most ferocious storm to have hit Britain in centuries. The suffering that ensued was plentiful, but none more so than that of little Matthew Mason, whose parents were brutally murdered in the midst of the storm by a homeless man desperate to find shelter.
After 25 years of torment, Matthew is released from a mental institute under the watchful eye and care of Tammy Atkins, a care worker with a secret history of alcohol abuse and self-harm.
As Matthew struggles to adapt to his new found liberty, he finds himself continuously plagued by the demons of his past. Haunted by strange and ghastly images and urges, Matthew sets himself upon a path of vengeance; determined to seek out his parents’ killer and put his demons to rest once and for all.
‘The Damaged’ is a disturbing psychological thriller, delving deep into the darkest depths of the human psyche.


***Adult Warning – May Contain Graphic Sex, Strong Language, Or Adult Situations. Caution Advised***
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***Valerie – #NerdGirlVal’s  Review***
The storm of “87 was the worst in history. Matthew Mason was just 5 or 6 and loved his life with his
wholesome parents. But during the storm a homeless man asked for shelter and when the reply was no, he forced his way in. From there the book left me with my mouth hanging wide open and tears in my eyes.
Then we are in today’s time with Tammy Atkins, a 25 years old visiting caregiver who has struggled with alcohol and self abuse. She has lost her boyfriend and daughter because of it. But now she has been free of alcohol and trying to get to be a with her daughter more.
Tammy is informed that she has a new client on her route, Matthew Mason. Not bad she thinks, only twice a day to make sure he takes his meds. As she makes her rounds from client to client, it is Matthews turn. Handsome muscular older man. Not to much older, must enough to be distinguished. They hit it off right a away and a relationship begins.
As you go thorough their blossoming relationship and Matthew’s need to find his parents killer, I felt it to be a little slow, but as I worked up to Matthew changing into a beast and his new raven friend, I understand where the Author was going.
The beast has Matthew convinced that he has to kill to find his parents killer. As this gets worse, Tammy starts to suspect Matthew is doing the Tramp killings. But she loves him and he loves her. How far does love go to keep you alive? Tammy is Matthew’s hostage and witnesses the truth. Can she escape with her life?
The ending was just as jaw dropping as the beginning. It left me scared for Tammy, my mined blown with Matthew’s inner self, and the conclusion was unexpected and left it open for more.
This would not be a  good read for young readers. Some scenes are detailed very graphically and may be disturbing to young readers.
I enjoyed reading this book! Tammy and Matthew intertwined their past together in a way I never thought of. It made me think about the human mine and wonder how people who are mentally ill, if they go through things like this. I highly recommended if you enjoy horror and psychological thriller’s.


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