Always the One (Meadowview Heat #6) by Rochelle French (Review by Stephenee, #NerdGirlSteph)


Title: Always the One (Meadowview Heat #6)

Author: Rochelle French

Published Date: May 8th 2015

Genre: Contemporary Romance


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After five years locked up for a crime she didn’t commit, when wild child Coraleen Pettigrew returns home to the small town of Meadowview, it’s with a crash and a bang. Oops!

Straight and narrow Sheriff Remy Toussaint is up for reelection, but the reappearance of Coraleen and the fact that she can’t seem to keep her sexy rear out of jail could cost him the election. Doesn’t help that he’s falling for the girl who’s his opposite in every way.

When the by-the-books sheriff and the former convict connect to prove her innocence, sparks fly and mayhem follows. But after one too many of Coraleen’s hijinks threatens Remy’s reputation, she’s faced with a choice: stay and put Remy’s campaign at risk, or leave and break her own heart. Sometimes love means rules can be broken…but will Remy learn this in time to stop Coraleen from leaving Meadowview for good?

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***Stephenee, #NerdGirlSteph Review***
 I was so excited for this book, but also a bit sad as I knew that after this one I would have to wait (and hope) that another book in this amazing series was going to be written!  I didn’t want the series to end and was hoping that it wasn’t!  I have fallen in love with the town of Meadowview and also with the residents!

The author does an amazing job of grabbing the readers attention and holding it from the first page to the last page and all the pages in between!  The characters are fun, unique and have personalities that jump out of the pages into the readers lives.  The author uses so much detail in describing the town, the residents, the diners & shops and the overall feel of Meadowview that the reader can’t help but feel like they are actually a part of the story. It seems like as they are turning the pages of the book that they are right there with their favorite characters or having the bacon muffins at the diner. I can almost smell them through the screen of my kindle!

This book focuses on Sheriff Remy Toussaint and Coraleen Pettigrew – and it starts with a bang (literally)! The reader can’t help but root for Coraleen even if she is fresh out of prison and the readers have been waiting for Remy to find “The One” since they met him a few books ago.  Can they overcome the odds and find their HEA? Does one mistake ruin everything?  Author Rochelle French will keep readers on the edge of their seats with this one and they can’t help but want to know what will happen to these 2 amazing characters!

If you haven’t read this one or any of the other books in this outstanding, stand-out series don’t hesitate to jump right in! You can read this as a standalone but the others are so amazing that you should start at the beginning and you won’t need any prodding to keep going from there! Add this one and the previous to your TBR list! You won’t be sorry that you did….only sorry when you reach the end and have to wait for more! Enjoy!!

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