Finding the One: (Meadowview Book 5) (Meadowview Heat) by Rochelle French (Review by Stephenee – #NerdGirlSteph)

Finding The One

Title: Finding the One: (Meadowview Book 5) (Meadowview Heat) 

Author:  Rochelle French

Published Date: May 16th 2015

Genre: Contemporary romance, New Adult


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Art photographer Mac Johns moved to the small town of Meadowview to reinvigorate his artistic career. And he’s finally found his muse—the gorgeous and amazingly sexy woman with whom he just had a one-night-stand. Trudy Prendergast is a former model whose career in high fashion tanked after nude photographs of her were publically insulted. In a really bad case of mistaken identity, Trudy signs a contract with Mac, thinking she’d be modeling for his sculptor father. Whoops!

When passion heats up between them again, Mac lets Trudy out of the contract, unwilling to risk her career even though his photographs of her could put him back on the map as one of the world’s best art photographers.

Finding someone who could see Trudy for her true self once seemed impossible. But Mac seems to see her—to truly see her beauty, inside and out. And when Trudy discovers what Mac has given up to protect her, she’s suddenly torn between two options: lose the lucrative contract she’s been working so hard to win…or lose Mac.


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***Stephenee – #NerdGirlSteph’s  Review***
This book is book number 5 in the Meadowview Heat series and while it can be read as a standalone, I recommend that the reader start at book 1 and read them all!!  The author does a great job of re-introducing the characters and a bit of their back story in this one so that the reader can just pick up here and not miss a beat.  The author also does an amazing job at mixing drama, comedy, romance and a touch of sarcasm in this book.

This book is about Mac and Trudy – two lesser known characters in Meadowview, but two very important characters nonetheless.  Trudy has been burned in the past and is not looking for love, a boyfriend or any drama….Mac is burnt out after his mother passes away and his photography suffers…the two meet at an event that draws them together and at the same time makes them dislike each other just a bit (think of cleavage fishing for grapes and a man laughing at this…).  Trudy is determined to win a modeling contract and Mac is determined to convince Trudy that she should be his muse….

The author makes the characters instantly likable and relatable and they feel like friends from the first paragraph.  She is a master at making the reader laugh, cry, tear up and feel like they are on one of the world’s faster roller coasters.  This book is a non-stop twist, turn, looping coaster that leaves the reader on the edge of their seat wondering what is going to happen next. I feel like the author takes the reader on a journey straight into the pages of her novel and never lets them leave (but in an amazing way).  I have said time and time again that I would love to live in MeadowView.  It feels as if I have been there so often that it is a real place!  I am  already looking forward to the next book in the series, but at the same time am dreading it because there are only 2 more after this one….

Add this one and all of her others to your TBR list – you won’t be sorry and before long you will want to move right into MeadowView with me!!  Don’t miss out on this amazing town, characters and author!  Enjoy this one and her previous books!


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