Angels Dawn (The Dawn Trilogy #1) by Komali da Silva (Review by Christine – #NerdGirlPixie)

Angels Dawn

Title: Angels Dawn (The Dawn Trilogy #1)

Author: Komali da Silva 

Published Date: January 25th 2014

Genre: YA


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Dawn Huntington wants what every girl wants, a sweet sixteen birthday party with her friends, family, and some hot boys, but fate has other plans. On the night of Dawn’s sixteenth birthday, she witnesses a crime she can’t turn her back on, and the decisions she makes that night will change her life forever.

Never having been confronted with such violence, Dawn turns to a mysterious and beautiful boy named Angelo, only she can’t remember what happens that night. To make things more complicated, Dawn is in a relationship with Angelo’s complete opposite, Nate. Dawn doesn’t want to hurt Nate, yet she can’t shake her feelings for Angelo, even when she can’t help but feel he’s hiding something from her, and it could be something dark. Why is Angelo acting so weird around Bonita? Are they together? Are they really only friends?

Angelo may be trouble, but Dawn can’t ignore her feelings for him. Dawn is at a crossroads. Should she choose love? Or friendship? Once Dawn finally finds the courage to choose, she thinks the drama is over. But Dawn wasn’t expecting her choices to have such dire consequences.

Do you believe in love at first sight? But can one trust someone blindly? Can love overcome all the obstacles?

Is friendship just the beginning of love?


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***Christine – #NerdGirlPixie’s  Review***
This book blew my mind. It had everything: characters with detail and depth, that made you feel you knew them and wanted to know more, and a world that felt real.

You get to know Dawn, a high school cheerleader on her 16th birthday. Just a regular girl. And then everything changes.

Dawn doesn’t understand everything that she sees and experiences, and the people around her seem to know more than they are saying.

Angels Dawn by Komali da Silva is an emotional wild ride, keeping you on the edge of your seat. I cannot wait to see more!


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