Ariah by B.R. Sanders (Review by Shelley C. – #NerdGirlRed)

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Title: Ariah 

Author:  B.R. Sanders

Published Date: May 28th 2015

Genre: YA Fantasy


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Ariah’s magical training has been interrupted. Forced to rely on a mentor, Dirva, who is not who he claims to be, and a teacher who is foreign and powerful, Ariah is drawn into a culture wholly different from the elven one that raised him.

As his friendship with Dirva’s brother blossoms into a surprising romance, and he slowly learns how to control the dangerous magic in his blood, life finally appears to be coming together for Ariah—but love and security are cut short by a tyrannical military empire bent on expanding its borders.

War, betrayal, passion, and confusion follow Ariah as his perilous journey leads him beyond the walls of the Empire, and into unfamiliar territory within himself. Along the way, he’ll discover just how much he’s willing to give up to find his place in the world, and he’ll learn what it means to sacrifice himself for freedom—and for love.


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***Shelly C -#NerdGirlRed’s  Review***
This book follows Ariah as he discovers and accepts who he is as a person, what his magic is capable of, and that love can evolve as he grows. Not everything has to be the way he was raised to believe is right and wrong. The world in which Ariah is set was well described. I could envision each area Ariah traveled and lived in. The people inhabiting the different lands each had their own unique attributes that allowed them to survive or thrive in their environment. Ariah is written with a sense that he is sitting in a main room telling his children/grandchildren his life story.  I enjoyed reading it and I truly felt as if Ariah was telling me the story. At times the story was detached and clinical and other times it was emotional and vulnerable. Experiencing the ups and downs, triumphs and failures as Ariah not only grew in age but in maturity and experience was an indescribable feeling. I’m not sure any other book I’ve read has made me contemplate my life and reevaluate how I view the world and people.


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