Soul Awakened (Key to the Cursed #2) by Jean Murray (Review by Kristin – #NerdGirlSoldier)

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Title: Soul Awakened (Key to the Cursed #2)

Author:  Jean Murray

Published Date: July 1st 2015

Genre:  Paranormal Romance


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Kendra, an Egyptologist and demi-god in waiting, is the key to unlocking Bakari, the Egyptian God of Death, from his cursed slumber. Desperate to free him, she inadvertently binds herself to the god with a spell that only death will undo. To save Bakari from himself, she may have to sacrifice her innocence, and possibly her soul, before he becomes his family’s worst enemy.


Bakari awakens to a world at war and a beautiful woman who has tethered his soul to hers. In the wake of his self-destruction Kendra is his only hope of salvation, but another has vowed to keep Bakari from the one thing he craves most– his Parvana. His butterfly.


***Adult Warning – May Contain Graphic Sex, Strong Language, Or Adult Situations. Caution Advised***
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***Kristin – #NerdGirlSoldier’s  Review***
This is book two in the Key to the Cursed series and it was just as good, if not better than book one. I highly recommend that you read the first book so that you understand what happens in this book.

This is Bakari and Kendra’s story. It was phenomenal. I had to force myself to put my kindle down to go to work, go to sleep and other things. Kendra comes off as fragile and weak, but she is so much stronger than her sisters credit her. I love that she finds her voice. There are few scenes where Kendra just erupts and tells her sisters and Asar that she is not the weakest one. I loved it. I was cheering for her and she delivered. I think that she is my favorite of the three sisters, but I haven’t read book three yet and I’m desperately waiting for book four which will be Kit’s story.

Bakari, Asar’s son and the Death God, is incredible. His journey is one that is not just physically demanding, but emotionally and psychologically as well. Bakari is explosive; he’s weak at first from his confinement but when he gets his full strength back, he is a force to be reckoned with. Each time Kendra is separated from him, you can feel Bakari’s anguish. He doesn’t understand fully why he needs her near, but as the story goes you see that he grows to understand what a blood-bond is and why it’s incredibly special. I loved watching him transform throughout the book. I think what I enjoyed the most with Bakari was watching him try to earn Kendra’s love and bond.

There is a kind of “love” triangle as well that was incredibly fascinating. It’s between Kendra, Bakari and Bomani. Kendra is so confused about her feelings for Bomani and when she discovers that she’s bonded to Bakari, her confusion grows. It reminded me a lot of the triangle in the Twilight series; Bella is drawn to Edward in ways she doesn’t understand but when he leaves, Jacob is there for her. Bomani has been there for Kendra before the bond to Bakari and he he tries to continue to be there, but he develops feelings for her. In away she reciprocates but ultimately knows where her heart lies.

There are some HUGE surprises in store for you and I think everyone needs to read this series. It’s just fantastic. I’m loving the Egyptian mythology so much and I cannot wait to read the next book. Job well done, Ms. Murray! I’m a fan for life!


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    Sounds good.I’d need to read the first in the series. Terri Mcneal

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