Madness (Shadow-Keepers) by Jas T. Ward (Review by Shelley C – #NerdGirlRed)


Title: Madness (Shadow-Keepers) 

Author: Jas T. Ward

Published Date: December 3rd 2013

Genre: Paranormal Romance


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A Darkly Sweet, Twisted Retelling of The Beauty and the Beast.

A night could change everything.
Consume a cold heart in heat…
Open a heart that has been closed…
Intertwine two lives for a lifetime…and beyond.

The only thing Reno Sundown has ever known is pain. How to take it and how to use it. He was created that way and once his purpose was done, he was locked away. Never had he known good, laughter, love until he met her.

Emma Devenmore has always focused on one thing, family. The eldest of her sisters, she has made life centered on protection. Protecting her family and doing her job of protecting others. A love story was never in her plans, until she met him.

By chance, their paths cross and both were forever changed. A Beauty left yearning for a Beast, who had opened her up to something she had never dreamed of.

A Beast left wanting for a Beauty, who had unlocked emotions he never knew possible, and never was supposed to know existed.

Once paths are crossed, can they ever be uncrossed? Once they are crossed, are they destined to grow together? Or can they only be consumed by complete Madness?


***Adult Warning – May Contain Graphic Sex, Strong Language, Or Adult Situations. Caution Advised***
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***Shelley – #NerdGirlRed’s  Review***
I found this story to be exceptionally unique and interesting in its storyline. Two of the main characters, Reno and Emma, captured my heart.  There were many times I found myself confused as to what the author was trying to convey, maybe this has something to do with the Madness that is Reno, but I found it a struggle to read in the beginning. After about two-thirds through, I think I just started skipping what didn’t make sense because I at least had the general idea of what was going on. I also found the abrupt and continuous switching of points of view pulled me out of the story often.   Overall, I am glad that I read the story and got to see a new paranormal world.  I do plan to read the next book in the series which is why I gave this book a three star rating.


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